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For very long, philosophers were in obscurity until Ignosh Fargaze came. They were on the same level in the eyes of the public as vagabonds and minstrels.
They were free thinkers who always used their mind rather than their hands, making life hard in a society that accepted only hard work. Sometimes they found a generous patron who wanted to hear other people's opinions. Mostly, they went by with whatever work they could find or became beggars.
Public opinion about the philosophers started to shift after Ignosh Fargaze and what she was able to achieve. It wasn't a 180-degree turnaround, and not in a single day. But slowly and steadily, more and more people believe they need people who can come up with ideas to make their life easier.
The process of acknowledging philosophers as a legitimate occupation sped up with the establishment of Brillansis. First among those who had dealings with Brillansis, but as time passed, more and more people recognized their value. Nowadays, you can find people in the farthest corners of Gibora who heard about Brillansis and the philosophers and accepts them as valuable members of society.
Of course, there are still parts of Gibora where a philosopher better not step foot or only with an armed escort. One of these places is the lupian tribes, where the shamans might feel threatened by the philosophers' radical ideas. The other place is the skat'ra hives. Here the queens are not hostile against the philosophers, but talk of different hierarchical systems is banned within the hives.
The place where philosophers can exchange ideas among themselves is Brillansis. Here they can freely talk about anything. They are even encouraged to discuss every argument they come up with. Because of this, many philosophers spend a lot of time in Brillansis. However, most prefer to be on the road to learn about the world outside Brillansis' walls.
First, you talk to my shaman, and then you can come and talk to me
— Horrortooth, lupian chieftain


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