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Separation War

A few generations after the Glerkod rebellion, other cultures thought that it was time for the Dominion of the Hobgoblin to recognize their independence. And to fight for their independence if words are not enough.
The Dominion was willing to give small gestures, but it wasn't enough. The spark of the war was lizardfolk's killing of tax collectors, which the Dominion couldn't tolerate, and everything quickly escalated to a nationwide war. This war was later named the Separation War.
One-by-one, the different cultures living in the peripheries formed their armies and proclaimed their independence. This was the only path the lizardfolk, ogres, goblins, and bugbears could take. On the other side were the hobgoblins and orcs. The orcs mostly didn't have a choice. They were pushed into complete obedience during the Glerkod rebellion. Only the kobold nation was absent from the war. Because both parties recognized the value of them being the finest weapon makers, they rather traded with them than pushed into service to have another enemy on their hands.
The armies of the separationist were a bit bigger, and they were fighting for their independence. The Dominion had better equipment and better-trained officers. In the beginning, it looked like the separationists would win the war because of their dedication, but long-forgotten feuds emerged between the various nations and tore their armies apart. Everyone believed, but no one could prove that this was the work of Dominion agents.
At this point, the war entered its second phase, and the armies of the Dominion won more and more battles. Months later, the smaller armies of the separationists were close to routing. At this point, the leaders of the separationist armies met in secret and decided to join their armies for a final push against the Dominion, and when they win, they would sort out their differences. A word about this joined effort reached the general of the Dominion army, and he proposed a cease-fire to solve every issue the two parties had.
The meeting took place, but even after days, they weren't closer to agreeing on anything than the first day. That's when during the last evening, Ignosh Fargaze entered the picture and outlined the framework of the current Dominion. Nobody knows how Fargaze could pass through all the guards and enter the tent of the peace talks. Later, many guards confessed under oath that someone had entered their minds and could not move. But it was all good because what Fargaze proposed, in the end, was accepted by everybody. With this, Fargaze founded the first known federation of Tacillia. Fargaze was also an invaluable source later when the details of this federation were laid down. Like how taxing will work, who can create what kind of laws, helping poorer regions with the collected tax money, making labor laws more liberal, etc. Everybody agrees that establishing the federation was the single most outstanding achievement of Tacillia. It saved tens of thousands of lives from a prolonged war and presented an example for other realms.
Maybe it is time now to remove the word hobgoblin from the name of the Dominion
— Ashech, queen of the lizardfolk monarchy


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