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The office building of the Parliament of Polymath is called Parliament itself. However, it is not the only building where the members of the Parliament work exclusively.
The main building is located at the center of Brillansis. It is the center of decision-making and the place where visitors are received. It is also where the Eminence and the prominent Faculty members live. It contains a huge central room which can accommodate all the members of the Parliament. This is where all the decisions are made, and the Eminence is inducted into its office. It also consists of several smaller rooms for smaller group discussions. However, preparing for a decision is not done in the main building.
Throughout Brillansis, there are many locations that members of various occupations use to discuss the ongoing tasks. During the planning of Brillansis, the decision was made that it is preferable for everybody if a familiar place is used for debates. For example, a smithy is preferred by smiths or a library for historians to the big hall of the Parliament. Sometimes this can cause issues because some parties, like hunters, are hard to track, but still, everybody prefers this method rather than sitting for hours in a big building, however nice it is.
During the design phase of the Parliament, the most experienced architects and masons were hired. Still, creating the blueprint for the building was a challenge for them. It was decided that the Parliament must not contain any of the building designs of Then, must have all the design elements of the current states of the Dominion, but it must not favor any of them. It took a while to comply with all these rules. Nobody praised the final result, but the style does its job to conform to everybody.
Since erecting the Parliament, calamor, skat'ra, and valturo dignitaries are visiting Brillansis, too. Motives from their culture are added to the building, further messing up its style.
Please do not ask
— Bhreng Mukdelver, kobold architect


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