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The Eminence is called the leader of the Parliament of Polymath, but it is primarily a figurehead. However, because the position needs to exert a certain level of authority, the position itself is the highest honor a member of the Parliament can achieve.
Electing a new Eminence is not an easy task. First, the spokespersons of the various groups sit down and select a few people they think would be ideal for the position of Eminence. Then, the leaders of the Faculty have to accept the names in front of them. Then the leaders – kings, warlords, etc. – of the various countries and states that finance Brillansis give their blessings. After all this, the first person on the list is asked to accept the position. If the first candidate declines, the next person on the list will be asked, etc. It is not a quick and easy process. Many times in the past, the whole procedure had to be restarted with the spokespersons because all the candidates were removed from the list or none accepted the position. Still, the practice remains to select someone who everybody accepts.
The assignment lasts for a year, and at the end, the position of the reigning Eminence is extended, or a new Eminence is elected. Extending the position of the current Eminence is a much quicker process. Still, everyone has to agree on it, but because everybody already knows the person, usually everybody elects to continue working with the current Eminence.
The duty of the Eminence is to facilitate the meetings of the Parliament, be the single point of contact between the Parliament and the various countries and states, and give his name and with it his prestige to recommendations the Parliament decides on.
Ignosh Fargaze was the first and maybe the best Eminence, but those were different times
— Driraqoz, lizardfolk faculty member


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