Wayfarer Guild

Before we explain the Wayfarer Guild, let us first touch upon the terminology used to describe those that deal with Beasts and Raiders in the Frontier. First of all, we have the Wanderers. They are unaffiliated and travel freely without a set goal, making a living wherever they can. Drifters are similar, but make a living selling their services as mercenaries. Lastly, Wayfarers are those that travel far and wide but with set goals. In most cases they are working for a guild.   One might call a travelling merchant a Wayfarer, but to be fair, they're just merchants. Now those they hire to obtain certain supplies, those can be considered Wayfarers. However, most people think of only one thing when they hear Wayfarer: The Wayfarer Guild.  

The Tenets of the Guild

The Wayfarer Guild is a union of Wayfarers that have teamed up with multiple goals. The entire structure of the guild is designed around these purposes:
  • To protect Wayfarers from being exploited
  • To train and inform Wayfarers so they stay safe
  • To offer reliable teams for large Beast threats

  • No exploitation
    When a Wayfarer does business, they can deal directly with merchants. However, often that means they won't get a fair price. It also means they may need to look for one. It is for this reason that the guild functions as an intermediary where requested. A Wayfarer can sell the guild both untouched and dismembered Beast corpses, receiving a fair market value minus commission. The guild will then arrange transport and sales.  
    Safety above all
    To help Wayfarers prepare for their hunts, the guild offers support in many ways. There are training classes for combat and one's physical condition, to help master one's body and weapons. Libraries contain information on various Beasts, explaining how to deal with them and how to use them. And veteran Wayfarers may escort new guild members on their first hunts, to help them get used to it in a safer environment.  
    United we stand
    Many Beasts are solitary and can be hunted solo or in a small group. Even herds can be dealt with by picking off stragglers, or just using smart traps. But sometimes, a large group is needed. For example when a large herd of Beasts is threatening a settlement, or when an exploration needs a large team of guards. In those cases, the guild calls for its members and helps arrange an organized group that can fulfill all needs.


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