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The Council of Turien Report

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: The Council of Turien

Awemonth the 18th, Year 52 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle

After the tour of the Council Housing, Taegrin and I were split up to interview one of the Council members each. There were another few level 1 or 2 Knowledge Liaison Officers (KLO) who were also interviewing the other Council Members and the three highest KLO, as well as a couple of other staff. 
  I was handed over to the Mermaid Council Member.


It was supposed to be an interview. Nevermind that I forgot to bring the listening device to record our conversation. (Mermaid name) did not stay listening to the questions long and went off on her own tangents. I don't know how I'll remember everything, but here it is.
  The first question I asked her was "Do you wear bare feet in the Council room, cause the carpet is fluff?"
  She laughed and tried to dodge the question by asking me what I would do, so yes, she does. 
  "Do all the other Council member so the same?" 
  She laughed some more, but I'm pretty sure she nodded somewhere in her reply. So yes, they all have meetings bare foot, or do something in the room bare footed. She did deny Forbidding in bare feet though. 
  "When was the Council founded?"
  She told me to search the records. There might be some fun stories there.    "How do you deal with criminals?"
  If they are disastrous to Turien enough, that is when the Council will have to deal with criminals. As taking someone's memory is Forbidden, they either have to send someone out to deal with them immediately, or house them in either the Punishment Tower or Delusional Isle. She didn't specify how they deal with them all.
  Apparently only the Council can admit someone into either of those places, so any other jail or criminal punishments are up to each governing body of the different cities, races, etc. Which means that the Council only punish those who are bad for all of Turien, not just one area or settlement. 
  "How does the Hero program work?"
  When an individual does good for not just their home area, but for the greater good of Turien, they are placed in a probation program, such as a Hero Party, if there is already an active Hero, or a KLO traineeship. If they gain recognition from at least three races in Turien, they may be awarded the Hero title. 
  There are currently three active Hero's in Turien, and five others on probabtion (two in the Hero Party and three in the KLO ranks). 
  "How long have you been a Council Member?"
  She is about halfway through her term, at 22 years on the Council so far.
  "Do you think you will make it the whole term? Not like the Human Council Member from the time of the Incident."
  She told me to go research why that was the case myself. But also that it is very rare to not  finish a term (except for Humans and Beast-kin), as it is only 40-50 years.
  "Who is the current leader of the Council?"
  Although they are all pretty highly ranked, there is still a leader. The current phase is led by the Elves, thus the current head is Lucas Asture (the former second prince of the Forest Elves). 
  "Does it annoy you that it is not you who is the leader?"
  She tried to shrug off the question, stating that the laws were made many years ago, the phases of leadership to each race are on one set of twenty five years and the terms of each race are between 40 to 50 years for each Council member, with each term starting about eight years after one and before the next. So that there is also rotation. She looked into my eyes a lot less while answering this question.
  "Are Mermaids taking the next phase?"
  She sighed, replying with a no. The phases go in order of the cycles, from Fairy to Nymph to Elf to Human to Beast-kin and then to Mermaid. So the next phase will be headed by a Human. She finally looked at me properly again, with a sad smile. She continued talking, but the cookie I was eating was pretty crunchy, but I think she was saying it's really fine. And that with everything they all do, the head just keeps time mostly. And keeps the Hero program updated. But really they all have leader positions, particularly in the case of liaising with their respective races. She often has to deal with the Queen of Mermaids and the Elders of the Northern Warrior Mermaids and all of their troubles and miscommunications etc.
  "Speaking of Elders, have you tried Elder Jazzach's brother's cookies?"
  She had gotten the recipe from Jazzach's mother. I nodded, but still think that Almeta Bearach's version is better.  

Council Term Termination

So, after scouring through a bunch of reports of the Council after the Incident, and many historical listings, it was found that the Human Council member was basically fired from the Council of Turien as they did not recognise or stop the Fairy killings in their domain. There are not many reasons for terminating a Council member's term early, thus there have not been many instances of this even though there have been thousands of Council members over the years. The major reason for termination, though, is that the Council member being terminated has not done their duty to the safety and wellbeing of Turien. Basically, that they have let the members of their race cause havoc amongst other races, or destroyed a lot of land. This includes the Beast-kin Council member who let the Warbeast-kin run wild in the Third Major World War.

Founding of the Council

The first six beings of Turien, who helped shape Turien with the creator, were basically the first Council. However, it wasn't until the year 50 (of the first Century of the Fairies, 1st Cycle) that the Council was given the name 'the Council of Turien' and a small hut was made to house them when they talked together on a hill somewhere. But the first Nymph decided that she was not keen on continuing, and gave the position to another Nymph. Eight years later, the Beast-kin gave their position over to another Beast-kin and eight years after that the Human died, and thus their position went to another Human. From there, they decided to start the handover positions of each race's member.
There are a number of reasons given as to why the first Nymph gave up her position. One document says she was pregnant, but the Mermaid was also pregnant and I found something on their arguments about having the best baby and best rulings so I don't think that was the case. Another document says that she was simply too young, but so was everyone else (the original were all the same age by this stage so I don't know what they were on about) - though it is weird to think that they were about my age when it happened. There were a bunch of other reasons that didn't make sense, but the funniest story was that the Mermaid and the Nymph, after having their babies, were then in a love triangle together and the Nymph won the battle of the heart and took the man home to the Great Forest to have lots of babies together. (I heard this version from my father's work friend's aunt's cousin's sister-in-law's daughter's best friend's mum.)


Even with the same recipe, different people can make something taste better than others. Even with the same Council since founding times, there have been many flavours.
You forgot your phone?
... yes.
Didn't you write notes?
I was eating cookies. They're not as good as Almeta Bearach's cookies. Still tasty though. 
You didn't tell the Council member to her face that his cookies are better than hers?
The interview didn't last super long after that.
Don't you know how to be respectful?
I was making an observation! Isn't that what we are meant to be doing?
Writing them down! And not like that!
Well, its written in my report too. Thank you for clearing that up.
No, that wasn't what I meant. Argh.
Anyways, I'm sure the Council member wasn't as exaggerated as you say.
Why not? It's not like they're emotionless beings.
The one I talked to almost was.
Are you sure you weren't trying to put yourself in their shoes?
I am not emotionless.
No, you just get angry or boring all the time.

Supervisor Feedback

I see you did the KLO acronym right this time, good work.
Please think about who you are talking to and respect them when you are interacting with them. I do not want to have to apologise in your stead again.
Your last two body sections could do with fleshing out, however, I am pleased that you did go and research what you were asked to, (this has also helped in your apology being accepted).
Does your 'father's work friend's aunt's cousin's sister-in-law's daughter's best friend's mum', have a name, title or other way to identify them for someone not knowing who you are? Or simply, 'another Nymph from X' would suffice, where X is the area they were met at (or live in).
  Council Notes
Add an etiquette workshop for KLO-1.
The Collector has not let anyone near the new discovery of plants. Let Mimi and Taegrin go see him again (supply Taegrin sufficient Laughing Vaccine)

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Author's Notes

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