The Incident

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An explosion in a lab on the outskirts of East City's Logging Facility quickly brought all the authorities and fire safety personnel to the site. Normally, it would have been a lot longer to gather them all, if they hadn't been on a search for a young boy who'd been missing for a couple of days. Out of the rubble came the said boy, blood trailing one side of his face, a faint blue on the other - a reflection of the glowing blue sword in his hand. His eyes could hardly be seen as he fainted the next moment, still gripping the sword. As he was taken away, and the small fires dealt with, the investigation started. And what a lot they found. This facility was not properly sanctioned and had a secret basement of three levels of laboratories. Many notes and results of experimentation were strewn around the place. It wasn't long before a Knowledge Liaison Officers came to help organise the findings. Obviously, the place was immediately decommissioned and a larger investigation was initiated. Although the lab was reopened again a few years later - the unauthorized basement had been completely filled in with concrete by then.   What is known to the public is as follows:
A small group of crazed Human scientists were fed up with not having magic abilities. They wanted to 'level the playing field' by creating a magical weapon - similar to those Forbidden of old - that could be used by Humans. To do this, they needed magic. And who better to find the source of magic than Fairies - the eternally lifespanned beings of Turien who had access via there source trees. Unfortunately, the greedy Humans first kidnapped some Fairies before experimenting to death on them. Once they'd extracted something that might work, they then kidnapped Human orphans (or so they thought) to experiment on the attunement of said weapon. Only one boy survived. Bridging the gap between Humans and the Council, this young boy has devoted his life to becoming a Human Hero, sacrificing himself to the betterment of the Human race and the relations between Humans and other races across Turien.
The boy smiles and states the well-known facts when asked, but only he and one other know that it wasn't just him who used the sword to escape that night. Only known as Sacrifice to the public, the sword is officially kept in the Council of Turien's Chambers in the sky and only taken out for official Council Hero appearances.

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