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Adventures of a Magical Teacher

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Miss Magenta Charles is so excited to meet her first class of students after finishing her University degree that she has made a number of self-introductions to dazzle the young humans. However, her best friend (and human hero) surprises her with a class change the day before school starts. Tasked with raising the first generation of non-human researchers, Miss Charles whips out her smartphone and rewrites her introduction, kicking out her friend before he can finish his tea. The holographic fireworks she sets off in class aren't as colourful as the racial magic within each of her students, causing Miss Charles to indulge in her excitement and underestimate the student's distrust of each other and their respective races. As the Athletics Carnival draws near, Miss Charles has her hands full just trying to teach them all to run like a human, much less the manners of a human. She watches as red fires through beast-kin bodies as they rally their competitive nature, nymphs shift between blues and pinks as they turn to tricks and brown rush into the earth as elves turn their nose at the thought of being lesser than.