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The Third Major World War

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: The Third Major World War

Praymonth the 24th, Year 52 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  The third time all of the peoples of the continent went to war is known as 'The Third Major World War' or 'The Third Magic War' taking place in the first year of the Century of the Fairies, 20th Cycle. The third world war was when the great lake in the Badlands dried up. Afterwards, the Desert and the Badlands came to be known as the Wastelands.


The time of the third world was when the magical weapons made from magic metal ores were at their peak of industry. Just like how the Northern Warrior Mermaids have their spears and other eapons in the Ocean, tailored to each of them specifically, people on land could have the same. Except that they didn't need to have a certain type of magic in order to use them.
  These weapons had come about due to the Dwarves and Dark Elves (who had become their own sub-races as a result of the previous world war) mass producing a variety of these weapons. The Dwarves were able to see which ores were magical (pure) and thus mined them specifically. As they were closest to where Magic Moss was most dense, a lot of the miners became sick due to the overexposure. So there was a lot of pushback from others who were hired by Dwarves to mine.
  Warbeast-kin were now their own thing. Or, would be? There wasn't really an official 'Here, now you are a sub-race of the Beast-kin.' They are all Beast-kin and Warbeast-kin were now big enough to have a tribe of their own. So, Warbeast-kin were now their own tribe. As such, they declared to all races that they wanted a 'rematch'. Now that they were able to show off their strength 'properly as a race', they sent a challenge letter to each of the major races. And kidnapped their children.


As the Beast-kin had fled the Badlands, this was where the war took place. How nice of them to figure it out beforehand.
  The children of each of the leaders of each race (except for Humans, who still did not have a unified government and rather many of them were each in small self governed groups or as vessels under other races) were kept somewhere in the Badlands. The Dragon-kin had allowed the Warbeast-kin tribe to go wild, but took the children to a 'safe' spot to be looked after while the adults went to war. The Mermaid Queen was in a relationship with the Warbeast-kin Chief, so she looked after the children, with some of her other (older) daughters.
  The Naiads were split over this. They didn't want to go to war, so some didn't. They retreated to the Depths and have stayed there since.
  There were thus two groups in this war, the Beast-kin and Mermaids (with however many Humans they had with them) against the Elves, Fairies, Nymphs and their selection of Humans, particularly the Dwarves.
  In the previous wars, Mermaids and Naiads had an upper hand whereever there was a water source. The great lake in the Badlands was also connected to the Ocean, somehow with some squiggly cave system, so they were preparing to come up from there (their reinforcements) but a group of Forest Elves filled in the way - as they didn't know exactly where the entrances were, they teamed up with the Naiads to coat the entire lakebed with stone.  
  This then upset the Dark Elves and Dwarves, who were keen to match magical land weapon against magical ocean weapon and see which is better. The Dark Elves turned on the Forest Elves for this, and sent magic moss spores throughout the battlefield, wherever the Forest Elves were.
  After the Mermaid reinforcements were blocked off, and then left alone, the Mermaid Queen got mad at her lover and left the children. She and her daughters rose a water wall around them and left to go back to the Ocean and deal with their people.
  As the children were inside a water wall, the magic moss spores did not get to them. However, as they wereunattended, a rogue Naiad was able to get to them. Thinking they were going to be azaming, they made water slides from the water from the great lake and took them over the mountains. Most of the kids did not make it.
  The Forest Elves then bickered between each other, over who was watching the Nymphs. They decided they had brought too many Nymphs and should not ever do so again.
Allied Groups
  • Dark Elves and Dwarves were one group
  • Forest Elves, Nymphs and Fairies were another group (with some Humans under them)
  • Beast-kin were the third group


The most Forbiddings that have ever happened, happened during and just after this war.


Dwarves or Dark Elves are the only ones permitted to mine materials Underground, particularly where there are large densities of Magic Moss.
  Naiads started to restructure the river, and solidify the Tam's difference to Rhea. The Naiads from the Depths further isolated from their 'stupid' race member and played tricks on the Shallows ever afterwards.
  The Mermaid's weapons were further infused with the ocean, and a unit was formed to crush thick rock. Generations later, this group became the Northern Warrior Mermaids.
  Forest Elves are particularly careful with how many Nymphs they let loose in one area.  


People die in wars, and grudges last for a long, long time afterwards. Don't war.
Can't we just cut out the confusing bits and make it about an Elf and a Naiad falling in love with a Mermaid?
No?! We can't change history. Keep researching, surely it can't be that confusing.

Why are you trying to find every single weapon? There's not even that many books that talk about them. So boring.
That is the point of collating them all! So that they can all be found in one place. Why do your reports even jump around all the time? Stop getting distracted and finish your paragraph!

There is no evidence that the Mermaid Queen and the Warbeast-kin Chief were lovers. They were trade partners.

If it wasn't as fun as being lovers or something, then he would have taken her children too!
What about the fact that there are no Beast-kin that live in the Ocean, it would be much harder for them.
Pretty sure a Frog-kin would be fine for a quick swim.
Pretty sure it woudn't be that quick.

That's a lot of tables. Do we need to know all the names of people involved?
Yes. You should be putting at least the names of each leader in your report. Particularly the leader of the Dark Elves, Dross, and the Beast-kin Chief, Burmack! Why aren't you writing more about them? The Chief was crazy, but Dross prevented the death of so many people by the way he dragged Beast-kin into sporting matches based on how well the magical weapons worked against the Beast-kin traits.
Sporting matches? Weren't they still dying?
Yes, but. Reagan, the greatest Researcher known to Turien, called them sporting matches. Plus, there was less deaths as the Beast-kin were riles up to defeat smaller group of foes so the Elves and Fairies could save the kids and chase the Nymphs.
Greatest ever? If you say so ~
But foes are still foes. Still people dying.
Dross made a point of the magical weapons being able to win against the Beast-kin or not. So they weren't after killing people, but beating the weapons.
Didn't stop the weapons killing people.
Why aren't you writing any of this down?
Eh? You are though?
That's beside the point.
I'm gonna write about the story between the Mermaid Queen and the Cheif. Trading partners of eggs and sperm.
WAH! Delete it!
... Fine, I'll keep it in my diary. And then I can add the Naiad that got jealous and killed the children.

Why are you callling your conclusion 'Report Aftermath'?. Report aftermath would come from the supervisor when you get your result, not be the summary of your report.

Supervisor Feedback

Glad to see that you and Taegrin are getting along and researching together, and that he is knocking some sense into you. However, you do not need to send me the notes between you two. It would have been better if you had listened to more of his advice.
Mimi, there are still some areas that clearly haven't been edited yet. Making assumptions and questioning them in your drafts is fine, but not in the final submission. Have your assumptions questioned and answered, and simply state the facts/answers you found from that.
If you are going to conclude that grudges are held for a really long time, have more about the content of the grudges in your report. Your conclusion should reiterate the main point of the whole report, not just one point you have picked out / remembered. Next time, aim for three sentences in your conclusion to wrap up every key point.
  Council Notes
Just another reason for keeping an Elf watch over a Nymph.

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