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Northern Warrior Mermaids

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Turien's Ocean
Geographic Location | Jul 11, 2023

This is one of the reporting logs of Mimi Lakes, a Naiad from the Depths, out to prove that she can become a fully fledged Knowledge Liasion Officer.

This is her third report.
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Stone Baked Bread
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 11, 2023

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Northern Warrior Mermaids

Awemonth the 32nd, Year 51 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  To the north of Turien live the Northern Warrior Mermaids.


The Northern Warrior Mermaids belong to the Mermaid race. They are not a sub-race of their own, just a group of Mermaids that don't live in Mermaid Cove. In fact, they are the largest group of Mermaids who live outside of Mermaid Cove, and have a growing city of their own at the Point, just north of the Great Forest.
  They are different to the Mermaids who live elsewhere as they have been granted special work by the The Council of Turien many years ago. From there, they specialised in guarding and combat duties. Thus, they are the quickest to slay a whale, and have the best tenderising processes. If I was eating now, I would be just salivating even before the meat got to mouth as it tastes so good.
  The best warriors find the best food. And those warriors form the Eguard Unit, although when they are on duty they are not meant to be hunting food. I did hire the group for my birthday; they will hunt the best food for me to eat.
Does this count as a work expense?


You already made me read this document on the Elders before I went to visit the Northern Warrior Mermaids, so there's not much to add here. I did try though. I went to interview one of them like you asked, but she attacked me! I hadn't even met Jazzach yet. She is the definition of uncool. All I had done was give her brother a pressed flower in exchange for the cookies he offered him. I did hold his hands as I said his cookies were amazing, but only cause he kept looking elsewhere and I wanted to make sure he was listening. The rest of the time I had to run from Jazzach trying to cut off my hands so I didn't get to interview the Elders like you asked.
  I wish I could have been there when they were beating each other up for the Elder positions. Amazonia's teal spear is so awesome, covered in yellow urchins and literally wrapped with a tiny current. Torii's twin daggars glow the same pale aqua as her eyes and the water she wraps around herself. And Jazzach doesn't even need a weapon to destroy a house, although her mallet-like spear lets her create a canyon when she misses her target.


The Mermaids in the north have less babies, on average, than Mermaids in the south. And there are even less males. Or maybe they moved to the south, I heard there is a school with an extra-curricular class specifically for males down there. In the north, there's just training programs rather than schools. And it's really, really hard for a male to get in. Not impossible, but if most of them are like Jazzach's brother ... then one can hunt for the best meat and the other can make awesome dessert. And if they have a child who can make yummy snacks then it would be perfect.


Even though they all live underwater, Mermaids generally sleep at night and work or play during the day. A lot of the flora glow in the dark, or semi-dark, so evenings are quite bright and colourful, although in a calming way. Some of the plants flicker to songs, so you can hear lullabies throughout the evening, before the sky colours fade to black, sending the youngest children and babies to sleep.
Some use this time to craft things, such as pearl jewellery. Although they are pretty, they are also made to be on-hand weapons. Sometimes, it is the materials that make them a weapon - like sharpening a piece of coral for the base of a hairpin, that can then be used to stab someone. Or, they can hold a little bit of the Ocean, so when they go on shore they still have part of the Ocean with them.


They are Mermaids living up north that make good food cause they are weapon crazy.
This one is better, right?

Supervisor Feedback

The addition of an introduction is appreciated. Next time work n expanding this.
Although alliteration in sub-headings is fine, do make them fit the flow of your report.
We do not need to know your eating habits, but the eating habits of the people belonging to the culture you are observing. I do not know whether it would be a better idea to send you to report on a food-based assignment, or if you would eat everyone's food before giving yourself the chance to observe. Maybe sketching eat peice and taking notes like an observational diary would be better than a report. Look up Reagan's notes for reference.
Each Elder is to be addressed as 'Elder Jazzach', not just their first name. Please be more aware of what you are writing, who you are writing about, and who you are writing to.
Again, this is not up to academic standard and will not be submitted as an academic resource.
(Also, if were not obvious to you already, you have been asked to not visit the Point for (at least) until construstion has finished repairing the area.)  
  Council Notes
Add a section on work expenses and financial expectations in the KLO training seminars.


Author's Notes

The image of Mimi's face was created using Artbreeder.

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24 Jul, 2022 18:16

This was a really fun article to read; having an in-universe observer makes it more interesting than if it were just a normal wiki page.

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Thank you :) I've been having so much fun writing the prompts this way, so I'm glad it works (it's helped me figure out more things about my world when there's a character interacting with it too)

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