Laughing Vaccine

Magic Moss is both a poison and a medicine. Typical of many drugs. Therefore, much research has gone into using it as a medical resource. And much misuse of the moss has also occurred. Research has been stolen and stooped. Trials have had patients vanish. Other trials have had patients addicted to the drug and descended into madness. So too, have many of the people gone to acquire the moss. Be careful with it.   However, the moss has a much rarer cousin species, the Hoho Flower. The Hoho flower is much like the tiny flowers that are part of magic moss - very receptive to light. Except that the Hoho flowers are almost invisible during the day (opposite to the flowers on magic moss), such that only a Dryad would be able to find any. Transparency is a truly unique feature of both species of plant.   With a similar taste to honey, the flower was first used to give flavour to magic moss. After a proper researcher was able to look at the flower, they realised that it could contain the antidote to the madness caused by magic moss. And after being given to the Healing Hut, the Elf researchers and doctors there were able to create a vaccine.   The vaccine is given to those who handle the moss on a semi-regular to regular basis, or important individuals who will be visiting (or passing through) an area known to have a large amount of magic moss growing. The vaccine has also been found to cure either the madness of a magic moss addict or the addiction. To those that are cured of the addiction, they are still encapsulated with madness, so are still no good to the rest of society. The best they can do is to be test subjects in clinical trials for other treatments.
The workers at the Healing Hut are the ones who created the vaccine.
Access & Availability
A Dryad is needed in order to find the Hoho flowers needed for the vaccine. Thankfully there are many Dryads in the Great Forest, and they have a good relationship with the Forest Elves, who are in charge of manufacture and distribution. Unfortunately, the flowers themselves are hard to find and are very spread out. As a key ingredient for the vaccine, this limits the amount of vaccine able to be produced. As such, an average of only an approximate one hundred vaccines per month are created.
Hoen, a Dryad from the Great Forest and friend to the researcher Reagan (a Forest Elf), was sulking that Reagan did not want to taste the lemon flavour she could add to magic moss. And so she went on a short trip to find better tasting plants to give him a flavour he would approve of. Lead by the smells of sweetness only a Dryad could smell, Hoen brought back a variety of plants that included the Hoho flower. After seeing the colour changed in the moss from Hoen's experiments, Reagan started to pay attention and asked her to get more of the flower. Happy that Reagan was excited by something she found, Hoen brought back enough to fill his front room. From there he experimented, eventually giving his research over to the Healing Hut when he found another, more exciting, research project.


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