Summer Camp Reading Challenge

Summer Camp 22 Reading Challenge

After July's 'SummerCamp' the Reading Challenge has begun! I picked three prompts from the 31 and three articles under each prompt. The main thing that caught my attention from each has been written down, with questions for me to think about next time I write a similar article.
I chose the vehicles prompt as this was the first time I had written about a vehicle, so I know there is a lot to learn. I chose the military conflict as I also don't often write those, and have trouble with writing about them. I chose the respected rank as that was the last prompt I wrote and rushed through it. i enjoyed seeing other people's work and appreciate the chance to learn from them and further explore my own world.  

Random picks from 'Α vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys'

Boiling Sky Hovercraft
Vehicle | Jul 29, 2022
Using Purpose
It was neat to see how the vehicle fits in the world, such as its safety features specifically designed to combat the unsafe territory it is flying through. Having the purpose of the vehicle directly reflect the territory it is seen in is something I can add to the vehicles in my world.
Questions to ask myself for vehicles in my world:
  • What is unique about the vehicle to the race that made it?
  • Is the vehicle specific to one territory/terrain, or can it travel through multiple?
  • How does the vehicle combat or utilise the environment around it?
  • What are the safety features? And why are they important?
Blessed Eden
Vehicle | Jul 30, 2022
Iterations and Materials
Having specific materials that are unique to the world used in the creation of the vehicle makes sense, particularly when the materials help to combat the obstacles of the terrain. Also, seeing that the vehicle was the third iteration, makes me start to think of how the vehicle could have been adapted (lending more to the rest of the world building of the world).
Questions to ask myself for vehicles in my world:
  • What materials are used in the vehicle? Any specific to my world, and what unique characteristics do they give?
  • What mode of travel / type of vehicle is this one replacing or adapting?
  • What is the vehicle industry like? Is it competitive? How often are new or improved vehicles being produced?
Sand Scuttler
Vehicle | Sep 8, 2022
Carry Size
The size of a ship can change its purpose, either to show off wealth, or carry more things. Mentioning what is able to be carried by each vehicle can also help give an indication of the size of the vehicle.
Questions to ask myself for vehicles in my world:
  • What is being carried by the vehicle? (People, cargo, etc.)
  • Who owns or uses the vehicle? Does their wealth or standing change the shape or size of the vehicle?

Random picks from 'A military conflict resolved through excellent leadership'

Conquest of the Lombard Kingdom
Military Conflict | Jul 11, 2022
Environment and Weather
War is more than two people groups hitting each other. Terrain and weather can have an impact too. Questions to ask myself for military conflict in my world:
  • Does the surrounding area have an impact on the conflict? (E.g. do mountains make getting there, or sending supplies difficult?)
  • How does the weather (short or long term) affect the area of conflict?
The Revelation Intercepts The High Shale
Military Conflict | Jul 12, 2022
Resources and Responses
Resources are more than just water and food during the engagement of battle. Resources may also include energy, personel and magic, for example. Also, they are not only needed (or needed tobe conserved) during the battle, but in the lead up to it as well. A conflict is often made up of many responese and provocations, not all in a single battle. Questions to ask myself for military conflict in my world:
  • Who knows about the conflict, and when? Could it be intercepted before becoming as big as initially planned?
  • What are the thought before battle, during battle, and after battle? How do you show there are no neatly tied ribbons wrapping everything up?
  • What resources are being used? What needs to be dealt with before conflict, and what to be added to during conflict?
  • How well prepared are the leaders in battle to respond to different tactics? How decisive are they? What have they already thought about and prepared countermeasures for?
War of the Lions
Military Conflict | Dec 2, 2022
Bad Blood, Escalation and De-escalation
Large conflict is usually a result of the escalation of much smaller conflict. And familial bonds (particularly of those in high positions) are too often the cause of larger conflicts. Questions to ask myself for military conflict in my world:
  • Who started the conflict? Why?
  • Who has the means to eascate a conflict?
  • Is it possible to de-escalate a conflict? Who could do so? How?
  • What is the difference between two brothers fighting over something when the brothers are low in socio-economic status and when they are extremely wealthy or powerful?

Random picks from 'A title that commands respect from those in the know'

Rank/Title | Jul 29, 2022

Chacune des arcanes ne connait qu'une poignée de représentants, mais tous sont liés à Wildstorm et ses fragments.

One rank may be split into a number of titles. I could do this with my Knowledge Liaison Officers, with each rank have a number of 'titles'. So the ranks themselves would show the position in the organisation they are, but the 'titles' would show the specialities of each KLO (or which department they belong to). Questions to ask myself for ranks in my world:
  • Is there a difference between 'title' and 'rank'? (Be it a way to differentiate allienges of those with the same rank, or the difference between public facade and sectret duties.)
  • What characteristics and priorites are expected of those of a particular rank?
Rank/Title | Jul 31, 2022
Granting a Rank
A rank or title does not have to be granted by someone else. Questions to ask myself for ranks in my world:
  • Who grants the rank? Is it conferred by another, or self-given? Is there a difference in legitimacy of who grants the rank?
  • Does who grants the rank or title affect other's acceptance of the rank/title and its potential benefits/respect?
  • How does a rank/title affect the relationship of two people with the same rank/title?
Rank/Title | Jul 31, 2022
Purpose and Responsibilities
A rank or title may be granted in response to a situation (such a reward for outstanding work) or in order to prepare for a situation/s. In the latter case, there is often much responsibility placed on those granted the rank, for they are given it for a future purpose. Questions to ask myself for ranks in my world:
  • What is the purpose of granting a rank? Why do they need recognition? And for what?
  • What are the responsibilities of the one granted the rank?
  • Who else needs to pay attention to the one granted the rank? What do they know need to do? (E.g. follow orders)

Future Goals

In terms of SummerCamp, I would like to continue to write 'reports' by Mimi, but also from Taegrin and maybe other KLOs. I enjoyed writing from the perspective of a character in my world, about their world, and the interactions with each other. It was fun and I'd like to do it again.
Also, there ended up being a running story through the articles, which has not yet been resolved, so I would also like to continue that aspect. Currently, I have the articles here in Mimi Lakes File, which are mostly in order. I need to fix up the dates, and would like to edit (at least a little bit) most of the articles. I may work out a better way to present them, or at least somehow have them in story/timeline order.
I still have my two actual stories to write, 'Adventures of a Magical Teacher' (the web novel related to this world) and 'Defeating Dragons' (a visual novel with math mini games to help teach / reinforce year 9/10 math concepts).

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