Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

I am going to have fun this July :)
  I will primarily be working on my world of Turien, using the prompts to further fill out the world building that is the background to my webnovel. I am aiming for DIAMOND! Although I will be writing for all the prompts, I am not expecting to have fully completed & pretty articles for all of them. At least 2 fully & visually done is my goal.
  I will be introducing Mimi Lakes - a Half-Naiad-Mermaid Knowledge Liaison Officer - who will be the one 'presenting' these articles. She is a bit strange and can be lazy at times, or simply very distracted. So, we'll see how much of note she will 'report'. There are a number of reasons for doing this:
  1. I've seen a few other articles written in similar veins by others and have found them fun.
  2. I'll be able to write more about my webnovel characters and their settings from a different point of view.
  3. 'Lazy' and 'distracted' means that I will have more fun writing about any odd-to-my-world or rushed/no time left article prompts.
  4. More motivation to explore my world from within the world.

I am planning to write about the Depths, Turtle Island, Mimi's point of view on my characters and things around the Council of Turien (perhaps what is Forbidding and about their Hero projects). Though exactly what will be prompt dependent ^-^

Thinking About Themes

There are four themes for Summer Camp to fit into this year, and so here are my initial suggestions to myself on what I could write about under these themes.
Expanse: I imagine the Depths, the Ocean and the western side of the continent will be able to be written about here.
Leadership: Miss Charles and the school Principle are leaders in Astirrah HS, while the Council are leaders of Turien. Heroes may also fit into this theme.
Discovery: Turtle Island, the Depths and Magic Bugs will probably fit here, within the 'professional' (?) reports of Mimi Lakes.
Monstrous: Harpies are the Monsters of Turien. Though the semi-sentient ocean and some of the creatures in the deep could also fit here. Though, I imagine most things Mimi will find monstrous are of Miss Charles, her classroom students, and their antics.  

Mini Meta Inspiration

Mimi Lakes will be bringing the tone to my Summer Camp articles. As she is a Half-Naiad-Mermaid, the primary colours of her magic are pink and blue (thus, this article is part of the visual inspiration). I've seen many people list their articles for Summer Camp in one place (either in this pledge document or another article) and I plan to join them this year. I will set them all under Mimi Lakes (either her character article or an employee ID or contract type article). I imagine Mimi Lakes to be a little bit like Anya from Spy x Family (but older).

  Inspiration for the Depths:
The Depths is almost its own secret civilisation, but built from water. So I'm playing with the idea that the city may be built from water/ice or a glass-like substance.
by Brigitte Werner on Pixabay
by cyqlh on Pixabay
by Michelle Raponi on Pixabay

Planning to Achieve

I stream writing on Twitch, and am a part of the Game of Tomes community. As July Tourney of Tales coincides with SummerCamp, I will be streaming more than normal, which means more time set for writing :) I do writing sprints in my streams, and tend to be much more accountable to my writing when I stream regularly (whether I write on stream or just set writing goals to get done before the next stream), and its fun. From the second week onwards of July, I will be streaming Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, with a maybe plan for Sundays. I do plan to write at least 400-500 words per day regardless of whether I stream that day or not. I do have a long (and growing) writing playlist on Youtube (as well as playlists for WIPs and characters in the world of Turien), however, I will mostly be in other GoT writing streams throughout the month. All the words for House Chiroptera ;)

Link to Mimi's File

The following article is where all my sumercamp22 entries will be located.
KLO Mimi Lakes File
Generic article | Jul 31, 2022

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9 Jun, 2022 17:04

I am looking forward to seeing your progress

10 Jun, 2022 01:28

Thank you :) And good luck with your first Summer Camp :)

27 Jun, 2022 23:29

Hi how are you? Your article is amazing, I loved the layout and presentation. I'll be following along, I'm very interested. Good luck and see you at Summer Camp.

28 Jun, 2022 03:13

Thank you :) I am slowly learning the presentation aspects of articles, and I'm having fun with it! I am very excited about this year's Summer Camp and hope you enjoy it too ~ Good Luck