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The Restful Exhibit Society

The Restful Exhibit Society is sub-guild of the Stonemason's specializing in the preparation of tombstones, and the construction, decoration, and augmentation of crypts and mausoleums. It has minor offices and locations through the continent of Karinshae with its central governing offices and trade school located in the settlement of Wiest.


There are three pillars upon which the The Restful Exhibit Society sits. The first is operations, the second is governance and administration, and the third is training and perpetuation.


Members of this guild tend to be, at least publicly, a somber and sullen lot of workmen dedicated to the functional and respectful demarkation of the final resting place of societal members of note and or family members.

Public Agenda

The Restful Exhibit Society promotes it's profession through low-key, softsell tactics laying up on the emotions of those suffering the recent loss of a loved one be it familiy or a person of reknown. Never lacking in the showing of respect, members are well trained beyond the physical aspects of the stonemason's work to sell and upgrade available services such as the construction of mausoleums, cenotaphs, and tombstones and the adornments to them with specialty engraving and mouldings.


Membership among the three pillars is as much a factor of eduction as it is of individual abilities having proven themselves to their peers. Members who subsequesntly or previously sought education at a university in supplement to their trade training tend to be more placed in roles of administration or training. All members must have successfully completed training and have served at least 2000 hours in non administrative/teching roles having practiced the craft rigorously.


The society is led by a triumverate of stonemason masters having served well in the ranks and proven abilities to lead or teach others. One member from each fo teh societies pillars is selected to sit on the triumverate: Governance and Administration, Training, and Operations.
Alternative Names
The Grave Masons, The Stoners, The Death Markers
Controlled Territories


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