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Vidraban's Cairn

Vidraban's Cairn was recently uncovered in and old, unkempt section of the cemeteries of Wiest. Discovered by apprentices of The Restful Exhibit Society who were surveying land for new grave and monument sites, found what appeared to be a half-buried, overgrown, and partially deconstructed pile of rocks. It is set apart from other known monument sites by 1000 yards or more. The area was identified for expansion of the cemetary, so the apprentices were sent to clear undesireable ground cover, debris, level the ground, and prepare with more traditional grass and trees. In their actions to clean up the area, a marker with what appeared be the family name of Vidraban engraved was found.

Upon the realization that this was a specifc gravesite, a search through the society's records turned up no information about this site. The guild leadership was embarrassed that a monument as such could have avoided proper documentation and quite obviously the care and maintenance for which the society is known. Quickly a large team was assembled to clear, clean, and restore the cairn's exterior to what the society believed it should have been and made appropriate documentation so that ongoing maintenance is performed. The society has even marked off and documented an expanded area around the cairn that shall not be encroached in deference to the cairn and its contents.


Despite generally impeccable records, the society had no record of the cairn until its rediscovery. It's records showing no documented burials within 1000 yards. Queries and emmisaries have been sent to all libraries and guild halls throughout the region to research the Vidraban history to great expense by the guild in an effort to right the wrong and recover from the embarrassment of its treatment of the cairn.
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