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Wiest is a settlement located on the southwestern edge of the ancestral home of The Razina and the northwestern edge of The Wylde Woode. Wiest is not a bustling settlement as it is known for it's stonemason's school and guild, its tourism for visitors to the many cemetaries nearby, and for a small few stonemason related businesses providing tools and materials to the stonemason's.


Originally inhabited by the Razina, now a melting pot of various heritages and ancestries much like the rest of the region previously known as the ancestran home of the Razina.


Government is a small town council in constant upheaval and change of membership due to the wranglings between the Stonemasons, cemetary owners and operators, and the tourism trade. The Stonemasons find the seasonal influx of tourism disruptive to their school, but also rely upon it to bring potential customers to the area. The cemetary owners demanding lower cost and lower maintenance materials be used for the tomstones, crypts and mausoleums to reduce their ongoing recurring costs to service the sites. The tourism bureau wants to charge both the cemetary operators and the Stonemansons to pay annual tributes in exchange for the business they attract to the area.

Industry & Trade

Wiest is now home to a stonemasonry school that specializes in Crypts mausoleums, and tombstones. The schools has taken over the properties once belonging to the central church of the Razina, whose religion has waned over the last number of years. Wiest is also known for a significant number of cemetaries which have been built upon previously discovered non-fertile land.


Wiest was formerly the seat of religious power and traditions amogn the ancestral Razina peoples, but due to the continuing integration of other ancestries and heritages, this religion has lost prestige and most of its followers. The grounds and facilities once owned by the church have been sold off the stonemasons guild for the workshops and school.


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