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The Razina

Formerly a tribe or affiliated tribes of peoples originating from the an area along the North Eastern border of The Wylde Woode. The following five settlements mark the approximate region called Razin: Wiest, Oest, Nur, Sur, and Zent. Immigration to Razin has lessened the notion of the Razina as a singular people or tribe and now to describe simply one's geographical origin.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Tribal names still exist in the region, but due to the migration and integration of non-humans into the region, the names have lost their traditional spelling.


  • L'der is now Eldar
  • Ch'R is now Teacher
  • B'Kar is now Baker
  • M'Lar is now Miller
  • C'k is now Cook


Culture and cultural heritage

Ancestral Razina have become known for the mastery of stonemasonry, specializing in the building of crypts and mausoleums, and their tombstones. The settlement of Wiest is home to a stonemasons school of high regard.

Coming of Age Rites

Tradition / Ritual | Jul 15, 2022
is practiced by the ancestral Razina as a rite of passage of inhabitants at the age of 14 remains the longest held traditions from those early tribal years.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The settlement of Wiest was traditonally the religious home of the Razina but has now become a site to which pilgrams travel to pay homage to their heritage. Land previously discovered to be non-hospitable to agriculture is dedicated to the dead and the cemetaries. The spritiual connection to this land of the dead has been all but lost, but culturally remains the location for burying the regions deceased inhabitants. Not all inhabitant families follow this tradition, where they may keep cremated remains in their homes or even to decesed immigrants to their own region of origin.


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