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The Wylde Woode

The Wylde Woode is a large and densely wooded forest, through which no commercial trade routes have been discovered. In fact no attempt to map or traverse the woode has been successful. The Wilde Wood is surrounded by coastal settlements on its Western side and via the Wylde Trail that circumnavigates the Wylde Woode connecting simlar settlements on the southern, eastern, and northern edges. Merchant travel and thus trade goods move slowly via the ships or the Wylde Trail due to the incomparable vastness of land that the Wylde Woode covers. It is presumed such since no merchant or adventurer is known to have returned or exited from the Wylde Wood upon entry. Despite hundreds of attempts, the woode itself appears to resist incursion or tampering. Many tales exist describing failed attempts to harvest features of the woode (such as logging around the perimeter or maple syrup production on the northern side) and serve as warning to all but the most stubborn, greedy, desperate, and foolhardy peoples from continuing to try their luck in search of fortune.


The Wylde Woode is located upon the isolated continent of Karinshae and covers most the known landmass. Settlement of various sizes line the permieter of the Wylde Woode with the Western most settlements to be coastal establishments and the agricultural settlements to the north, south, and east. The Woode is bordered approximately 10 miles from the western coast, 60 miles on the east, 50 miles on the north and 75 miles on the south. The woode itself is about 900 miles north to south and 3000 miles east to west. It is presumed the woode is complete over this area, with no significant unwooded areas inside it's border. No proof exists to support or disprove that notion, but all maps of Karinshae continent, show the woode unbroken.


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