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Cutter's Hall

Cutter's Hall is the name of the building housing the Governance and Administration pillar of the The Restful Exhibit Society. It is centrally located on the society's campus grounds which include the other buildings dedicated to training guild members and actual manufacturing and finishing facilities. It contains a central courtyard which is used to display some of the finer work produced by the society and other sub-guilds of the stonemasons.

Purpose / Function

The building houses all administrative and governance functions for the society. If studied, one would note that more paperwork by weight is produced in this building than all the stonework the society provides throughout the region. The building is truly too large for its actual needs and has become bloated to fill the available space with redundant and meaningless beuracracy.


The single entry to this building is denoted by a set of grandly ornamented double doors. Originally wooden, those doord have been replaced with these massive and fine examples of the society's capabilities.


It has been well insulated sonicly to block out the constant drone of teh stone working tools used in the factories and the schools. The building's original spirtual adorments have been replaced with ever increasing and fine displays of the societies work in stone from engravings to sculptures and more.


Originally this building as well as the ghrounds were dedicated to serve the The Razina and their religious needs. Over time the religion disappated and the society took over the building and thr grounds upon which it sits.
Owning Organization


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