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My boyfriend is a chef at a restaurant in Roshem called Morg's, he work really odd hours though...
— A woman to her friend
  iMORG is the short form nickname, used by the youngsters of the supernatural communities, for "The International Mediators Organization". This organization educates and employs Mediators.   The commoners do not know about the existence of this organization. They think that it's a restaurant chain.  


In the aftermath of the conflict of Year 1881 this organization was created by Laila and the Government of Urskoga. They created this organization to keep the peace between and within different supernatural communities. Laila was reluctently the first president of the organisation and the second was Samuel. It is not know who the current president is nor any of the local directors. It's kept hush hush both among the commoners and the supernatural communities.   As common humans have no knowledge of the supernatural communities the organisation had to keep hidden. Which meant that people who worked for the organisation had to lie to the humans that they knew. This worked, but after a couple of years the organisation decided that it was easier for their paper work and their employees if they had a front business.
Founding date
1881, June
Local HQ
Local Director
  At first this business was a garment factory, however in 1998 the then current president decided to change the front business to a hip and young restaurant. It still kept it's name and the same building.   At first the organization only operated in Urskoga, however when they started to get called in to mediate in other smaller supernatural communties across Sweden in the 1950s they decided to try and grow and the organisation went international-  


This organization may be international but its work is still only mediating between groups within a supernatural community. The population of supernatural creatures and people is very small compared to the world's population, but across the world there are settlements where the concentration of them is larger. This is where the organization work. They do not involve themselves with the politics of countries, well not more than any other individual can.  


All local branches of the organization have a Director. These directors sit on the board of directors. Above these with a majority vote sits the president who runs the company.   The local branches have an administration that each director lords over. Depending on the size of the local branch this group can contain 2-3 people or large groups of 10-20 people.   The local branch in Urskoga has 21 people working in the Administration. This group of people takes care of all the paperwork, which includes recruitment, education, payroll, employment policies, and many other things. They are the managers and the people that the employees talk to.   Then we have the employees. They are the Mediators who also work in the restaurant chain that the organization hides behind.  


The restaurants have different opening hours across the world but the most commmon one is 7am - 11pm on sunday to thursday and around the clock from 7am on friday to 11pm on saturday. The mediators operate around the clock and there is at least one duo always on call. This duo will patrol the communty that they are working within. There are a sceleton crew of restaurant workers employed to only work the restaurant. These are usually people in the supernatural community. But the mediators who currently don't have cases also work in the restaurnt.

In the biz

There are currently 9875 mediators working across the world and 10+ mediators working in Urskoga. People "famous" in the field in Urskoga are Wynn, Kristoffer, Tim, [redacted] and Silas. [redacted] is currently the oldest active mediator. There is a rumor going around that they are the current president but they dismiss it.  

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