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Everybody is biased. If you don’t think that you are, then you’re in the habit of lying to yourself as well.
— Kit
Kristoffer Lillvärn was born in 1983 to a family of farmers who lived on a farm outside of the small town named Urskoga. Kristoffer, called Kit or Kris by his friends has 3 older siblings and 5 younger siblings. Only Kit and his younger sister Fredrika inherited a condition named Lycanthropy from their father.   At 13 Kit got his first girlfriend. She was a girl he met in class and he loved her deeply. They were dating until they turned 15 and his girlfriend suddenly moved away. Kit was devastated but life moves along. For the next 22 years, he could never find a person he felt he could settle down with.   As a child Kit dreamed of becoming a farmer like his parents, but by the time he turned 15 he had a new dream. He wanted to become a Mediator. He started studying and while his family had varying degrees of faith in him actually managing to complete the education, he did succeed. He even graduated as a mediator with honors. Which surprised his family. Kit does come off as a curious airhead most of the time, but he has a high EQ.  


Kit was born a werewolf and as a kid, he found that effortless. However, his siblings always bothered him about it. His little sister Fred said that they were jealous that they hadn’t been born werewolves as the two of them. But Kit didn’t think that was all of it. He’s always wondered if he was defective somehow. He always worries that he will mess up helping somebody when it really matters. He is interested in the politics of the supernatural communities and how they can be used to help as many people as possible.  


Kit has a LOT of friends but he is closest with his younger sister, Fred, his older brother Aaron, his best childhood friend Tim as well as their coworker Silas.


Kit and Fred lived with their family on their farm and helped out there until the summer of 2022 when they moved into their own house together with their friend Tim.


Kit is an extrovert that craves interaction with other people. He also cares for people deeply and will try to do what he can for people. He can be read as naive or stupid, but a book should not be judged by its cover and neither should Kit.


Kit enjoys wearing flannel shirts or hoodies during winter. He would like to do that as well during summers, but being terribly warmblooded as a werewolf it’s completely impossible. He also has a favorite pair of pants that he uses a lot.


This is muddy, but Kit appears to be very motivated by curiosity. If he doesn’t know why somebody is doing something he will try to figure it out come hell or high waters. He doesn’t say it but he also wants somebody to love romantically whom he can settle down with and produce a big family with. His work, which he is passionate about, makes this hard. Both his work and an experience in his childhood have jaded his view on romantic relationships and he does not think that he can be what someone deserves.


Kit enjoys photography. He mostly takes photos of people, but he does have some nature and animal photos as well. He enjoys knitting as a stress relief. He also has a thing for plushies and has been collecting them since he was little. He also collects a certain plushie brand. He takes photos of his plushies as well, but he keeps that to himself. He also enjoys anime, manga, and playing games, both PC and tabletop. He currently has a passion for a gacha game named Widdrim.
Place of birth
June 10th, 1983
Current location
High school + work education school
Favorite food
BBQ meat
Sexual orientation
Theme songs
Click here
Romantic orientation


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