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It's a bit weird that he had to study for 6 years to work at that restaurant called Morg's in Roshem, but I suppose there aren't that many work opportunities in this small town.
— An aunt to one of her friends.
  The mediators mediate in disagreements between supernatural individuals, groups or organizations. They will start mediating when one person in a disagreement contacts them. However, they will not mediate if both parties don't agree to it. This can be overridden if the supernatural part of the government or the police asks the mediators to step in.  


There have been mentions of people mediating in debates between supernatural groups for thousands of years. There have also been mentions of organized groups that meditated, but these groups have not lasted until today.   In the year 1881, there was a conflict between two of the supernatural communities in the town, and when it was resolved the government formed and paid to educate professionals to create this profession. Laila, the person who stopped the conflict was the first president of the board of the organization that was created to employ the people in this profession.   The current leading organization that mediates in supernatural disputes is called the iMORG among the supernatural communities. It exists all over the world and it currently has 2 HQs. One in the US and one in Urskoga. This is currently the only employer of mediators in Urskoga.  


To become a mediator a student has to study for six years at one of the schools available across the world. You are not supposed to study where you are planning on later working.   Before becoming a student at one of these schools the student has to have finished high school or the equivalent and pass a physical and psychological test that lasts for about a week.  


While a mediator can decide where they want to work after they have gotten their degree they will not be able to work out in the field until they have a partner. The mediators always have to work in pairs.  


The Mediators have a uniform that is the same across countries. However, they very rarely wear them. They usually only wear them to ceremonies and other events as they use their private clothes while out investigating and negotiating. Most mediators are happy about that because it is apperently very uncomfortable.


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