Year 1881

If nobody was going to do anything, well. Then the only thing I could do was to take matters into my own hands...
A pack of werewolves were already living in Urskoga before 1801 when it officially became a town. They were making themselves comfortable in the area, unaware that a couple of vampires had been living in the area before then.   When a coven of vampires moved into town in 1837 the werewolves felt that the vampires were encroaching on their territory and several small spats started. In 1881 one of these spats escalated into a military conflict.  


At the end of 1880, one pack of werewolves and one coven of vampires lived in Urskoga. The rest of the town’s inhabitants were mostly common humans while there were some other supernatural beings living in the town proper. Like a couple of Trolls , a Näcken , and a Dragon. There were also a couple of half humans living there.   One of these half humans was Laila Rosenlund. She was born in 1857 and had the supernatural ability to tell when somebody lies. Nobody knew this of course. It ran in the family and Laila’s family was scared that new witch trials would start if their secrets came out.
At the beginning of 1881, a wooden fence of the Sundén family was destroyed. The Månsson Family, the werewolf pack, blamed the Sabel Family. Which was the vampire coven. This had happened before. But this time it escalated and a store owned by the Sabel family was vandalized while closed. Among other things, the word “Bloodsuckers” was painted on the walls of the store building. This escalated with vandalism on the properties of both families and on the property of families that supported either of the families.
  Laila watched this together with her family and worried. There was also other families who didn’t want to get involved. They covered with the Rosenlund family as Laila’s father was influential, being one of the richest men in town. The vicar was also trying to stop the fights by telling the families to forgive each other. This only escalated the rampage of the families.  


In March of 1881, a child of the Månsson family disappeared and a man on the side of the Sable family was found dead. Violent skirmishes started happening in town. People were hurt. Another man died.   Laila might not want to tell the world her family's secrets. But she knew other people’s secrets. She knew who and what the vicar and the church caretaker was.   Laila spoke to the vicar and the church caretaker and had them speak to the two families, revealing to the families who they were. With these two by her side, Laila sat down with the two families and negotiated. The families of the commoners were kept out of this since they could not know about the supernatural happenings. Only those in the know could. And Laila had to come clean about herself as well.   Laila gave the families two options. She would find the people responsible for every little offense and these people would be punished. Then the two families had to live in peace with each other or get out of the town.   Or both of the families would be punished equally with death.   The two families went with the first option.  


The people who had vandalized buildings had to pay fees to the owners. The child who had disappeared was found, he had run away with his girlfriend to a city. He refused to return home. The man who had been found dead had been murdered by his wife, for marital differences. The woman was trialed and found guilty. The people who had wounded others during the battles had to pay a fee to those that they had hurt and the person who killed a man during the battles was trialed and found guilty as well.   The government who had been pretty absent during everything that went down, alas, some of them had been on either side in the battles had to atone for their sins as well. They now have to pay a fee for educating Mediators among other things.


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