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This area looks a lot more fancy than the others. If I go more viral I want to buy a house here.
Roshem is a small district to the west of the downtown area. It's a mostly residential area for the richer inhabitants, but it also has a couple of office buildings, the town's only hotel, and the Headquarters for the Mediators. A profession for the supernatural people.   For the commoners not in the know, this district is for the rich educated people of Urskoga. For the supernatural people the district is known as the home of the Mediators. This is where you go when you or your group have a problem with another supernatural group. The mediators will change the tide of your problem.   Urskoga is not the only settlement in the world with several different supernatural communities. However, its district Roshem is leading the charge in educating Mediators who can keep the peace between different communities.   Urskoga started educating Mediators after the conflict between Vampires and Werewolves in 1881 when the world almost learned about the existence of real supernatural beings.  


Urskoga grew quickly after it had been officially founded in 1801 and in 1853 the first building that would later become the Roshem district was built.   In 1881 it was still not considered a district only a couple of random buildings a bit away from the then center of town, but after that year the supernatural part of the government of Urskoga decided that they had to do something so what happened in 1881 wouldn't happen again. They created the profession of Mediators and hired Laila Rosenlund the hero of the 1881 conflict to educate the new mediators. They honored her by naming the district that housed the building that is the mediators' headquarters and school after her. Roshem. Meaning home of the roses.


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