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Why I don't want kids? Well, I just don't like them. I figure my brother will have a bunch of them in the future when he has found someone. I can dote on them then if I ever feel the need.
— Fred
Fredrika “Fred” Lillvärn was born to a family of farmers in 1992. Her nickname is pronounced as the English male name and not as the Swedish word meaning “Peace”. She was called Fred because as a child she was a tomboy. As an adult, she does not approve of gender norms but she identifies as female.   Fred has 6 older siblings and 2 younger siblings. Only Fred and her older brother Kristoffer inherited a condition named Lycanthropy from their father.   Fred grew up following her brother around. She didn’t think anybody else noticed but he was treated differently by everyone in the family and she didn’t like it. So she made it her mission to be his best friend. They also had similar interests which helped.   Fred didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up, but watching her brother deal with things at work she knew she didn’t want to become a mediator. She didn’t want to stay with the family and become a farmer or craftsperson either. One day one of her school friends talked about her mother’s job and Fred decided that she wanted to become a medical secretary like her friend's mom.  


Fred does not mind being a werewolf. She actually quite enjoys it. But she does not like the politics of the supernatural community or her family and would like to stay out of it if she could.  


Fred has a best friend that she met in school studying to become a medical secretary. They meet up IRL once a month since that friend now lives 4 hours away and has a family of their own, but they also play games online with each other almost every day. She also considers her brother and his best friend as her best friends. She has a couple of other friends in Urskoga that she also hangs out with on a regular basis.


Fred still helps out at the farm sometimes and interacts with her entire family. She loves them but keeps them at an arm's length. She considers her best friends as her closest family and isn’t really interested in getting a romantic relationship for herself. When she was young she thought it was necessary to get married and have a family. She dated to find the love of her life but she has now grown out of that notion.


Fred is an ambivert and won’t get exhausted hanging with her friends, or people at her workplace. She does get exhausted by people she doesn’t have platonic feelings for.


As a kid, Fred preferred flannel shirts and baggy jeans with a lot of pockets. Now she wears hoop earrings and tight clothes. She also has, as her brother puts it, "weird hairdos".


Games motivate Fred, she enjoys playing them and hanging out with friends in relation to these games. Though, she is slightly bored by most tabletop games and instead prefers action games on the computer. She also interacts a lot in communities around her other hobbies. She also wants her environment to be clean.


Fred enjoys cosplaying and sewing for cosplaying. She also has a couple of Asian ball-jointed dolls but her biggest hobby is PC games. Mostly MMORPGs, action, and adventure games. She can enjoy strategy or simulation games but she quickly grows bored with them. Her current focus is on a game named Widdrim.
Place of birth
April 28th, 1992
Current location
High school +work education
Medical secretary
Favorite food
Kassler with a mushroom sauce and pasta
Sexual orientation
Theme songs
Click here
Romantic orientation


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