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Sorry, I can't come to your party. I don't have a car, and it's during the full moon.
— A werewolf
  Lycanthropy is a condition that changes a person into a large wolf. The condition is neither viral nor bacterial. It is magical. The condition alters the genetic makeup of the infected and their descendants.   Some people think being a werewolf sounds awesome, but it is not a cakewalk. At least not for the bitten.  

Two Types

There are two types of the condition. The patient zero of a line. The bitten. Then there are the born. The condition affects these two types differently.    

The Bitten

The Bitten aren’t literally bitten by a werewolf. However, they are referred to as such since they have become bitten by their will to become a werewolf. To become a werewolf you have to perform a ritual that will turn you into a werewolf.   The Bitten turn into a wolf every full moon and stays that way for around three days. During this time, they do not have control of themselves and will only vaguely remember what they have done when they return to their human form.

The Born

The Born werewolves are people born from either other Born werewolves or from Bitten parents. Not all people who are born from werewolf parents will become werewolves. It’s more common to become a werewolf if the parents are both Born werewolves. In most circles, it’s considered unlucky to be born a werewolf; in others, it’s considered lucky.   The Born can control when they transform. However, only a few of them are aware of what they are doing when they are in wolf form.


Both types have accelerated healing abilities and an increased sense of smell and vision. But they also have sleep paralysis, and sometimes they lose functions of their body even outside the appearance of the full moon. Some, usually the ones who also retain their consciousness during their wolf transformation, do not lose functions of their body. Because of this, only some werewolves are allowed to operate machinery, like cars and chainsaws.   There have been attempts to create a ritual to negate the ritual that creates werewolves. However, nobody has been successful so far.


Lycanthropy is a family affair. They, like both humans and wolves, are very social creatures which means that they crave to live in societies. With their abilities, they generally want to belong to other supernatural societies. However, this is also a problem. They are very territorial. They do not want to live close to other packs which happens a lot because there are very few supernatural communities and some other creatures, like Vampires, they just can't stand. In Urskoga there are a couple of packs but only because the Mediators are keeping a keen eye on them.  


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