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Well...I suppose living as a vampire in Urskoga is better than in some other places.
Vampyrism is a condition that gives humans "immortality" and magical abilities. Generally, this condition is received by non-supernatural humans but some humans with supernatural abilities have been turned.   People with Vampyrism are called vampires. They do not age and thus will not die of old age, however, they can be killed in several ways. A vampire must also consume blood to stay animated. If they do not consume blood their body will become stiff and hard to move until blood is reintroduced into their system again.  


There are two types of this condition. The awakened and the turned. This condition affects these two types differently.  

The Awakened

Nobody supposedly knows where the awakened come from. It just so happens that some people who die wake up as awakened. These Vampires do not remember their previous lives.   They should consume around 0.45 liters a day but they can live on 0.45 liters every three days. They can live semi-regularly lives with only drinking blood. They won't have any magical abilities other than not aging. However, if an awakened sire other vampires, the awakened vampire will get magical abilities. These abilities are different for different vampires. Only some of the awakened gain more than one ability. All awakened who have sired at least one other vampire can walk in the sunshine and the more vampires the awakened sire the stronger their abilities become. The awakened vampires can impose their will onto the vampires that they have sired and the older ones usually do.

The Turned

The turned are sired by an awakened vampire. A turned vampire can not sire other vampires. It's also a bit unclear if they are dead, as they have a heartbeat if they consume their required 0.9 liters of blood every day.   Turned vampires will only have magical abilities if they had them before they were turned. There are reports that state that the abilities of turned vampires are stronger after they became vampires but this has not been studied nor peer-reviewed. The turned can only spend a short time in the sunlight. Their resistance to the sunrays depend on how well fed they are.


Nobody knows for how long the awakened have existed. The oldest awakened currently is 6000 years old and according to him there were awakened alive when he woke up. But way back then there were no "officially" formed supernatural societies. The awakened turned whoever they wanted to turn. Even without the consent of that person. Nowadays there are still awakened who turn whoever they please. Though, the awakened who want to live in a society have to fill in a consent contract with the human they want to turn.  


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