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Why does love have to be such a heartache?
— Tim
Timothy Nilsson was born in 1984 to a housewife and a doctor living in Urskoga. As an only child he was doted on by his mother and grew up as an entitled child.   When Tim started school his entitledness was quickly shattered. He got bullied until a kid a year above him took him under his wing and they became friends. They both enjoyed playing tabletop games. At 11 Tim learned about the supernatural world and wanted to become a Witch. When Tim turned 14 the both of them decided to become Mediators and they threw themselves into training.   Both of them passed the mediator graduation with flying colors and started working as mediators. Two years into working as a mediator Tim got turned by a Vampire passing through town. Tim did not consent to the ordeal, but he came to terms with his current condition quickly. At least it meant that he belonged even more in the supernatural world, his friend's world, than had been before.  


Tim learned about the supernatural community from his friend Kit. He wanted to join it by becoming a witch but he had no talent whatsoever for it. He always bumbled his tries. That’s why he was secretly pleased when he got turned into a vampire against his consent. He isn’t that good of a vampire either, he frequently forgets to eat when he is on a case, but he is at least more adept at using his witching abilities now.  


Tim is still friends with Kit, but as an adult, he has more friends. Though, most of them he shares with Kit. He also enjoys the company of Kit's little sister which he has had a crush on for a while. He couldn't really say when the crush started but he realized he had a crush on her 4 years ago and since the three of them moved in together a couple of months ago his crush has gotten deeper.


He spends time with his parents every weekend as he has done since he became an adult. His parents are not in the know so he can't really be completely honest with them about his life. They keep pestering him to get a better job than at a restaurant. He did go to university in Stockholm for a medical degree after all... this of course was another lie he told them.


Tim is an ambivert, sometimes he gets overwhelmed while interacting with people. But mostly he is an extrovert. He needs to interact, but he prefers to do it with a small group of friends. He also prefers to spend time with close friends. He likes people but sometimes he worries that people doesn't like him.


Tim enjoys polo shirts, because they hide his neck and the bitemarks there left by his sire. He does have a favorite low neck shirt that he wears at home. When he is out he also wears suit jackets together with his polos. He is color blind and thus mostly own dark colored clothes that match each other.


Tim wants a family, and he is falling for Fred, but he doesn't dare tell her. He worries about his relationship with her brother and he doesn't want to damage what he already has. He also worries that he is falling for her just because she is close, but he has dated and never found anyone he likes as much as he likes Fred.


Tim likes reading romance books, watching tv dramas, and crime documentaries, playing PC or tabletop games, and reading mangas. He also likes hanging out at cafés. He doesn't eat normal food anymore but he likes the atmosphere in cafés. He also likes visiting cinemas and theaters. But few of his friends are interested in theater.
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May 9th, 1984
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