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...so, you're a witch?
While Werewolves are bitten or born and the Vampires are turned or awakened the Witches, or Häxor as they are called in Swedish, can only be taught.   Anybody can become a Witch, but not everyone will be good at it. Just like anyone can draw but only those who put in the effort and have a strong will, will be great at it.  


Most witches are female, but there are male and nonbinary witches as well.   The males and nonbinary people either refer to themselves as witches or as "häxmästare", which roughly translates to witch master, wizard or warlock.  


A large portion of the world's witches are Wiccan, but not everyone is. Surprisingly a large portion of the older Urskoga witches are Christian. The younger portion of Urskoga's witches say that they do not want to follow any religion, but they are still influenced by the old Christian and pagan cultures of their town.  


To become a supernatural witch with supernatural powers a teacher has to be found. If a person is not already in the know it's hard to stumble over another witch. This is why it's more commonly kept within families. Now in modern society though, some of the teachings can be done over the computer which means that witches are becoming stronger. They are no longer tied to only the gathered knowledge of their families.   A witch is always learning and most will never consider themselves a full witch, they will however take on students when they feel like they know enough. Or when other people hound them to teach because they are just that experienced.    


With training a witch can do anything and everything with magic, but everything has a price. To heal a sick heart you have to trade with a healthy heart, or something of equal value.   A witch can create a chant, a ritual or other similar things and hand them over to non-witches. When these non-witches then use this they have to pay the price to get what they want. It's a lot more common though, to ask a witch to work their magic right away.


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