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The food is decent and I like the ambiance of the restaurant. But there are way too many people working there for it to be sustainable. I don't know how... maybe the other restaurants in the chain have better management and they just like to funnel money to this one since it's the chain's first store? I don't know.
— A curious restaurant visitor
  This building houses the HQ of the iMORG organization in the town of Urskoga. To commoners it looks like an office building with a large restaurant on the ground floor, but it is actually the home of the Mediators.  
The building is situated in the east part of the district of Roshem. This part of the district was built in the early years of the town.


The architecture of the building is faint gothic revival. It looks like most buildings in this part of the district. It's built with pale beige bricks and the lancet window frames are white. All windows also have black painted window board-and-batten exterior shutters. All windows on the ground floor have flower boxes under them with lovely colorful flowers hanging out of them. The door is large and matches the lancet windows shutters. Above the door sits a hanging sign that says "est 1881, Morg's Restaurant". The building is slightly raised from the ground with grey stones lining it. It's supposedly a basement, however, there are no windows.
Construction date
1881, july to august.
Owning organization
3 + basement


The ground floor has a cold room, a kitchen, a storage room, an employee room, and the dining hall. They all have old polished hardwood floors, the kitchen has tiled walls and it's pretty large. The dining hall has a gold and yellow striped wallpaper and dark brown curtains. There are several different sizes and shapes of dark wooden tables, some are sectioned off with decorative folding screens. All tables have black flowers.   The second and third floors are occupied by the administrative section of the mediators. The second floor also has another employee room.  


The restaurant offers regular Scandinavian cuisine with a couple of dishes from around the world. During the weekdays they also have lunch serving with daily meals with pre-prepared food that can be bought for takeaway.


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