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First Council

The First Council members are hand selected by Methos with no specified term and may only be removed by Methos as well. They act as the respective directors and leaders of their purview or department, answering only to Methos. A unanimous suggestion or call of confidence by all of the First Council may encourage Methos to review a single member.

First Captain

  The First Captain is the Captain of the Fleet, Fleet Captain or Captain of Captains. They are responsible for all of the ships logistics, deployment and if necessary guiding of Fleet war.

Mabus Iseul

  • Male White Dragonborn
  • Born of Rashadar City in the Uraq Dessert Kingdom
  • Towering height and athletic build
  • Former Slave
  • Noble Household Guard
  • Role
  • First Captain
  • Paladin
  • Sailor
  • Faith
  • Gaen, Goddess of Light


    First Guard

      Part diplomat, part military officer and full time guidance councilor this responsibility of this position is to keep the "peace" which means insuring the freedom and safety of the community on board the Aurris.

    Toth Lokken

  • Male Human
  • Born of Ptolus City
  • Temple Guardian
  • Role
  • First Guard
  • Falconer
  • Faith
  • Harredda, Mistress of Ravens


    First Gunner

      Has the singular task of maintaining the cannons, the ballista of the Aurris and all supplies associated with them. His responsibility does not directly extend to the Fleet. The armaments of the Aurris are to be kept ready at all times.

    Harbet Thorenvere

  • Male Grailwarden Dwarf
  • Born of Vidor in the Prustan Peninsula
  • Role
  • First Gunner
  • Blacksmith
  • Faith
  • Teun, Mother of All Machines


    First Healer

      The First Healer is responsible for all of the healers on Aurris and onboard the Fleet. Because a Healer can challenge even the word of a captain of the Fleet they report to both the Captain and to the First Healer. While it would seem odd on land with the divided lines of temple and deity a Healer may be of any deity or faith as long as they possess the skill and strength of divine power to perform their duties. It is also expected that they possess the mental and social traits to reach beyond which faith a patient follows if any. It is also expected that Healers possess the actual hand skill to perform first-aid with healing and care for their patients, and if not these can be taught onboard the Aurris.

    Sora Notene

  • Female Nixians Human
  • Born of Nall in the Endless Sea of Ice
  • Role
  • First Healer
  • Physician & Apothecary
  • Faith
  • Myliesha, Mistress of the Wind’s Path


    First Merchant

      The First Merchant and his team are responsible for the finance and administration of all trade not covered by the First Steward. Where the First Steward is responsible for the food and supplies of the community the First Merchant is responsible for the coin and profits of the Aurris. This makes them experts on local law, custom, contracts, weather and all manner of information related to trade. This makes masters of coin a cross between a sages and a diplomats.

    Turth Sartiz

  • Male Human
  • Born of Ptolus City
  • Alchemist
  • Bard
  • Role
  • First Merchant
  • Faith
  • Twenty-Four Gods of the Hours


    First Scribe

      The First Scribe and their staff are responsible for registering the cargo, writing wills, and recorded judicial proceedings onboard the Aurris. This includes reconsiling logs from the Fleet Scribes as well. In addition the Scibes of Aurris run a variety of academic learning workshops on a regular basis for the youth. They partner with tradesmen to make sure the youth of the Aurris have opportunities for both academic and hands on learning. The balance of the training is usually handled by the family and the community.

    Kaylor Lanthir

  • Male Shoal Wood Elf
  • Born of Ptolus City
  • Monk
  • Role
  • First Scribe
  • Cartographer


    First Seer

      The position named First Seer is somewhat tongue and cheek. Methos charges the First Seer with scrying what will happen before it comes to pass. Although this has little to do with predicting the future and more to do with keeping their fingers on the pulse of the community. Beyond the First Council this position is not really known or spoken of. The First Seer and their team walk among the community watching and listening for issues before they take shape. Most days the Seers simple guage the temperature of the community and provide details for that situations may be addressed. Other times they are able to discover bad elements among their community and take action before they can cause trouble.

    Yana Teagan

  • Male Ghostwise Halfling
  • Born of Ptolus City
  • Thief Taker
  • Gate Urchin
  • Role
  • First Seer
  • Detective


    First Steward

      The First Steward and their staff is in charge of the food stores for the community of the Aurris which include overseeing the re-provisioning and moving of the provisions around as needed.

    Naerwyn Tollinair

  • Female Stonelost Dwarf
  • Born of Dohrinthas, the Golden City
  • Retired Woodseller
  • Role
  • First Steward
  • Faith
  • Asche, God of Cities


    Under Construction

    WIP UC Work in Progress Under Construction
      Need to review any positions missing and details out the characters for these positions.

    free sea and sky
    free and safe
    people and trade


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