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Aurris Ship Leaders


  The Captain or Captain of the Ship is the undisputed leader of his vessel. They are responsible for maintaining all aspects of their ship in coordination with other ships of the Fleet and with Aurris Sea-City. They answer first and foremost to the First Captain. With a great deal of discretionary power they always lean back on Freedom and Safety.


  Every ship of the Fleet has a healer and several clerics or priests to cure wounds and afflections while staving off death if it can be. The healer on board the ship is one of the few positions that can challenge the captain's ability to command due to medical fitness. They also report both to the Captain of the ship and to the First Healer. It is rare that a Healer or the priests assigned with him share the same faith so they are expected to work with and avoid any faith conflicts in the line of the work. In addition to channeling divine power each is expected to have hands-on medical skills of first aid and common sense.


  Any ship assigned to transport trade will have a Merchant who has studied the logs and trade the Aurris is providing as well as the goods the Aurris wants to collect. Beyond that the Merchant has trained eyes for opportunities and spends much time inspecting good for "mistakes". They are also responsible for payment terms and balancing the coins. They coordinate very closely with the Captain of the Ship. This makes them experts on local law, custom, contracts, weather and all manner of information related to trade.

Other Important Positions



  Their duties include maintaining the cannons and the ballista in battle-ready shape as weell as using them in a state of conflict.


  The Scribes and are responsible for registering the cargo, writing wills, and recorded judicial proceedings onboard the ships of the Fleet.


  The Seers are usually not known by any members of the ship, including the Captain. They are the eyes and ears of the First Seers. They are not a well liked position.


  The Steward is in charge of the food stores for the ship.
  Check Notes

free sea and sky
free and safe
people and trade


Osril Methos Aurris Path 3 by Graylion on MidJourneyAI

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