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Aurris Trade Route

Aurris City or the Floating Trade City is one of the largest trading entities in the known world. Giving no allegiance to land bound kingdoms and having enough gold to protect itself it hails itself as truly independent, which of course is foolish as it depends on trade with ports. The Aurris Trade Route is broken up into six passages; three coastal passages with trade ports and three sea passages without trade ports. These passage times include both travel time and being anchored for a week in each port on the route. The Aurris Trade Route is posted in every major port on the route with a schedule of expected arrival. The cities know with the length of the Aurris journey they can plan two visits per year.  

Aurris Trade Route Schedule

  • Whitewind Passage (7 weeks)
  • The West Wing (2 weeks)
  • Southern Passage (8 weeks)
  • The Dip (2 weeks)
  • Spice Passage (4 weeks)
  • Long Stretch (3 weeks)
  • 26 Weeks



    Whitewind Passage

      The first leg of the trade route is called the Whitewind Passage as it includes the trip along the coastal regions of Ren Tehoth, Ptolus City and Palastan which rest on the Whitewind Sea. The Whitewind passage starts in Paelinth and ends in Trolone takes about two months. The most important port of the passage is Ptolus City causing many to name this the Ptolus Passage.  


    Whitewind Passage Schedule

  • Paelinth City (1 week)
  • Sariush City (1 week)
  • Phinothae City (1 week)
  • Ptolus City (1 week)
  • Carper's Bay (1 week)
  • Trolone City (1 week)
  • Port: 6 weeks
    Travel: 1 weeks


    Ren Tehoth Region

      The stops of Ren Tehoth are the three elven cities of Paelinth, Sariush, and Phinothae. The Shoal elves of Ren Tehoth resemble their western cousins but are even less comfortable around humans, due to the region’s scarce human population in recent centuries. Traveling the coast of these three cities takes a week plus one week at each port.

    Ptolus City

      While the Empire of Tarsis claims Ptolus and Palastan include it for borders, the Aurris considers it one of the best trade ports on the route. Shore leave is never dull and sometimes the stories last a year or more. While they never fail to sell and replenish at Ptolus.  

    Palastan Region

      The Kingdom and its cities are fairly civil even after the death of the last governor. The two stops here are Carper's Bay and Trolone City before the West Wing


    The West Wing

      The West Wing is the passage around the western coast without a city port for the Aurris to trade with. However many sea ships and sometimes pirates use this opportunity to dock with the Aurris preferring the lack of land cities involvement.  


    Southern Passage

      The Southern Passage touches on Dohrinthas, the Sea Kingdoms and the Prustan Penisula with Dohrinthas being the most important stop of the journey. It is also well known as the Golden Passage for Dohrinthas the Golden City.  


    Southern Passage Schedule

  • Dohrinthas City (1 week)
  • Dimmerk City (1 week)
  • Gharon City (1 week)
  • Rieges City (1 week)
  • Istoma City (1 week)
  • Vidor City (1 week)
  • Port: 6 weeks
    Travel: 2 weeks


    Sea Kingdoms

      The Sea Kingdoms are a federation of sailors, pirates and fishermen laced with politics, betrayals, plots and assassinations. Their lands are equal measure of beauty and bloodshed where gold and silk flow like water. Dohrinthas, the Golden City stands is a prosperous destination for trade and treachery. The other three coastal port cities of the Sea Kingdoms is Dimmerk, Gharon and Rieges. The people of Dohrinthas and the Sea Kingdoms as a whole are an odd mixture of jaded, cynical urbanites and rough-and-tumble seafarers.

    Prust Regions

      The Prustan Peninsula, which juts boldly out into the Southern Sea, is home to the Grailwarden dwarves and the human Prust. The Grailwarden dwarves and the Prust have worked hand in hand here for as long as either species can remember. The Aurris makes two stops here at the cities of Istoma and Vidor. Merchants and traders make their way from Tarsis, the Plains of Panish and the Grailwarden Keep to have an opportunity to make exchanges with the Aurris while in the Prust region.  


    The Dip

      The Dip is the passage from Vidor City on the Prustan Penisula to Rashadar City on the Uraq continent. This passage takes approximately 2 weeks This is another opportunity for ships to dock that are avoiding the coastal cities.  


    The Spice Passage

      The spice passage in the journey along the Uraq coast starting with Rashadar.  


    Spice Passage Schedule

  • City 1 (1 week)
  • City 2 (1 week)
  • Rashadar City (1 week)
  • Port: 3 weeks
    Travel: 1 weeks


    Uraq Region

      Uraq remains a wealthy land of spice, silk, and fertile oases. The Tarsisans have been tolerable rulers—in fact, they usually ruled from a distance. The hot desert sands of Uraq never seemed to appeal to the Prustan overlords, nor did the climate provide a good environment for their guns and machines.


    Long Stretch

      The Stretch is the longest sea only passage with no port city stops, which also gives this time the slang name "The Quiet Passage". This is the voyage north and east back to the start of the trade route.  


    free sea and sky
    free and safe
    people and trade


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    Author's Notes

    Excerpts and names used from ...
    Ptolus 5e Gazateer p44-46.

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