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Osril Methos Aurris

The elf known as Methos has left little in the way of history about himself prior to the maiden voyage of the Drift now known as Aurris Sea-City. He is one of the foremost names in trading throughout the known world of Praemal.

The Way He Looks

  Some of the most distinguishing features for Methos are his haunted amber eyes and his arcane facial tattoos. His eyes show an untold history having seen events across hundreds of years. His favorite colors are light blues, light greens, dark blues, and dark greens for the themes of sea and sky. He is often seen wearing light flowing robes of greens and blues with arcane symbols dancing about them.

Walk About

  It is well known that Methos makes a regular habit of disguising himself with magic and walking among his people. This allows him to be mindful of how his choices and the choices of the First Council effect the community of Aurris. He will also do this if wresting with a problem or difficult situation, often seeking wisdom from the mouths of a family, a skilled carpenter or a mother.  

The Way He Acts

  Methos is a true believer, a true believer in freedom and safety having invested his life's work behind those guiding principles. He is both driven and caring, and this sometimes causes him to send mixed signals. In the interest of achieving his goals he has been called arrogant, aloof and condescending most commonly. Those that know him know how warm and considerate he is, sometimes after being reminded. The darker side of his personal coin is his determined "all in attitude" when facing enemies that threaten the freedom and safety of his community.

Shrouded Origins

Osril Methos Aurris Path 1 by Graylion on MidJourneyAI

Osril Methos Aurris Path 3 by Graylion on MidJourneyAI

free sea and sky
free and safe
people and trade


Current Location
Year of Birth
239 IA 482 Years old
Haunted Amber
Long Black Pony-Tail
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Arcane Facial Tattoos
130 lbs
Founded Settlements

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