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Hall of Glass

The Hall of Glass is the meeting chambers located within the Inner Ring for Osril Methos Aurris and the First Council to coordinate the business of the Aurris Sea-City and make decisions.
  The Hall of Glass is named such as Methos demands an open and transparent exchange of ideas among the council, "clear as glass". He listens to his team and provided he has not complaints with their direction he allows them to run the day to day business of the Aurris unhindered. When he does intervene it is to ask a question or provide additional information. Many times he will use wisdom from his "Walk Abouts" to shed light on a situation.
  Crimes and punishment are discussed here with the First Captain and the First Guard providing a listing of any recommendations for crew or community to Float or Deep. While very rare over the course of hundreds of years sometimes it is recommended to black-list a port city for a time. This could be due to territory wars or civil war, plague or a port city causing loss of harm or freedom to the Aurris community. This is a heavy and serious decision among the first council equal to crimes and punishment. For the few instances that this has happened it is not uncommon for rulers to be replaced and the black-listed lifted during the next 6 month trade route.

Crimes & Punishment

  Crime is a fact of life in all cities and civilization and the Aurris is not beyond this fact. However the level of crime is surprisingly low for a community that is essentially self governed. There are very few punishments on the Aurris leaving most problems to be dealt with by the community. Should a thread prove beyond them or of a serious nature than the Guard, the Fleet or the First Council will become involved.  

The Walk
  While not a punishment this shows the contrast for the punishments of Float and Deep. Any member of the Aurris may permanently disembark at a port city at any time. Methos and the First Council makes no attempts at influencing or keeping people beyond their want to be a part of the Aurris.  
The Float
  If the Guard or the First Council makes a ruling that a member or members of the Aurris community are in violation of their rules regarding freedom and safety they may be set a float as close to a port as is possible in a small boat with a weeks food and water. The key to this punishment is the immediate removal of a threat to the way of life on the Aurris. But a threat that does not rise to the level of Deep punishment.
The Deep
  This level of serious punishment is reserved for the most serious crimes to the community of the Aurris or its freedom and safety. This punishment is very rare and may only be confirmed by Methos himself. The First Council will seldom recommend this to Methos without good reason. The person or persons are to be publicly executed on deck and their bodies cast into the arms of the sea. This sentence is only carried out only in the presence of Methos. The sentence and the method used to carry it out are never flashy or grandiose and are carried out in the fastest least painful way possible. Any member of the First Council may cast a voice to overturn the Deep reducing it to the Float and over the years Methos has never gone against this.
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14 Aug, 2022 00:10

Interesting crime and punishment system. I think the names for each punishment are fitting and that no one man has absolute power to decide the fate of another.

Watchman Deedly -Wizard Extrodinaire and Amateur Wordslinger
14 Aug, 2022 00:49

Oh gosh as I reread, the spelling and grammar errors burn. Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and commenting. I really enjoyed the entire Aurris tangent and can't wait to further dive into this.

Featured Articles in the Shadow War across Creation by Graylion

14 Aug, 2022 01:58

I feel you on those grammar and spelling burns. *Looks away from my glaring mistakes* It's rough being a one-person show, as I've discovered.

Watchman Deedly -Wizard Extrodinaire and Amateur Wordslinger
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