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Summer Camp Sheet

  Are you excited about the Summer Camp world building event on World Anvil? So am I! I was lurking during Summer Camp when I joined World Anvil and it will remain my first and favorite World Anvil event for world building. So you have one primary world and you created an article using the tagged feature to gather all of your juicy world building, nicely done. What if you have multiple worlds and the tagged featured won't help you? What if you want more detailed tracking for your Summer Camp world building? Well lets make that happen using my new Summer Camp Tracking Sheet!   Below you will find something I started considering in 2022 which I vowed to make happen in 2023. I wanted a sheet that could contain all of those details and make it easy to share across World Anvil. I have tried to test all the things and provide some instructions below, however should you find any errors, have feedback or requests please leave a comment below. A special thank you to the talented Kummer Wolfe, Tillerz, Spartango and Ondo for being sounding boards and helping tweak details for the sheet in addition to the years of assistance from World Anvils users.   Below you will see examples of the Summer Camp Sheet in action. Follow along with the creative and talented Kummer Wolfe and Moonlight Bard as they chart their course through Summer Camp 2023. Below is also an example of the sheet populated with my 2022 Summer Camp prompts.            

Sheet Data

Studio ID 13950
Block ID 1242205

Start Here

  Make sure to enable RPG Features and RPG Character Manager under Account Features.  

Option 1
Copy Sheet

Click the copy sheet button below to copy this sheet to your world. This opens a new tab blank except for the number 200. This tab may now be closed. You will now have a copy of the Summer Camp Sheet in your Statblocks to edit. The initial sheet will already have a few details filled out. You are now ready to start editing your Summer Camp Sheet.  
Copy Sheet

Option 2
Add System & Start Sheet

Go to your worlds configuration page to add the Summer Camp Role Playing Game System that gives you access to the sheet location for creating a new copy of it. While Summer Camp is not an RPG system this is the method that World Anvil sheets are organized in. Now go to your Statblocks page and search/select the Summer Camp sheet from the drop down and create the new statblock.
Start Sheet.webp

Sheet Details


Event Details & Save

This section is where you will setup your Summer Camp sheet for the current event. You will need to name the event, define how many waves, include your author name, link and even a countdown clock which is purely optional. Some like to know what time they have while others don't want the pressure.
Edit Sheet Step 1.webp

Wave Details & Save

Next you will define the details of the waves including name and theme of the wave, how many articles per wave and the new exciting wild card articles. You may include a description of the the waves them and even what your goals are.
Edit Sheet Step 2.webp

Prompt Details & Save

This is the heart of your Summer Camp sheet where you record the article type of the prompt and a description. Next you may copy the article block you have prepared into a field for the prompt. There is also a status dropdown for personal tracking. If you decide to skip a wave simply click the Hide Wave checkbox. If you are skipping a prompt and do not want it to display just click the Hide checkbox.
Edit Sheet Step 3.webp

Embed Sheet

This allows you to embed your Summer Camp sheet into your Summer Camp article. Most use their initial Summer Camp pledge or maybe a progress article. All changes you make to your sheet will continue to be reflected in your article.
Embed Sheet.webp


Everyone loves options and I will keep expanding this section as the opportunity presents itself.
Display Option 1.webp
Display Option 2.webp

Display Options

Several display options to help customize your Summer Camp Tracking Sheet. Change the number of columns or condense the article blocks using link instead.  
  • 1 column
  • 2 columns (sidebar friendly)
  • 3 columns (default)
  • 4 columns (big screens)
  • Blocks / Links
  • Article Blocks (default)
  • Article Links

    Staging Options

    So your are in the zone cruising along writing a settlement for the first wave of Summer Camp and you spin off several articles from this settlement. No way ... this never happens ... except every year! So you end up with three articles that don't match the prompts for the first wave, however you are certain that one or more of this will match later waves. So where to place these until you need them without forgetting them? You have many choices. Use that special third party organizer software, create an article and drop the blocks in, or maybe create an article with a tagged list and tag them into being organized. Or drop the article block into a staging area within the Summer Camp Tracking Sheet. Set the staging area to showup where you want it and set the number of articles you need for the staging area.  
    Staging Choice
  • None (I have ways)
  • Hidden (Keeps them for you on the edit sheet)
  • Visible (Show these staged articles for everyone on the view sheet)


    Mobile Warriors Unite

      The following snippet of CSS will make the Summer Camp sheet appear even better on mobile screens using media queries. Media queries can not be loaded into sheet by default or I would have included this already. Copy and paste this CSS snippet to your article CSS or your world CSS.  
    @media only screen and (max-width: 800px) {
      .user-css .template-summer_camp-graylion-208 {
        padding: 0px;
        margin-left: -15px;
        margin-right: -15px;
        text-align: center;

    Triming Headers

      As many users have [articletoc] within their articles this CSS snippet will help suppress some of the headers within the sheet from displaying in the [articletoc] to reduce cluttered headers. Copy and paste this CSS snippet to your article CSS or your world CSS. For example in my Summer Camp Pledge I hide H3, H4 and H5, like the code shown below.   Reference
  • h1 = .article-toc-indent-0
  • h2 = .article-toc-indent-1
  • h3 = .article-toc-indent-2
  • h4 = .article-toc-indent-3
  • h5 = .article-toc-indent-4
    .user-css .article-toc-link.article-toc-indent-2,
    .user-css .article-toc-link.article-toc-indent-3,
    .user-css .article-toc-link.article-toc-indent-4 {
      display: none;


    Author's Notes

      My hope was to create a sheet that makes the tracking of Summer Camp progress easier, improves the preparation time and be a part of World Anvil. I can not wait to see how you use this sheet in your Summer Camp journey. If you have comments and feedback for improving this sheet or the instructions above please do not hesitate to post them in the comments.  

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    19 Jun, 2023 17:12

    Hello, first I would like to thank you and the fellow anvilites who helped you for this beautiful work. It turned out wonderful, I hope to be able to use it every year. Next, I wanted to ask a question. I tried to use the method of copying the statblock to my dashboard and it worked, but I couldn't put the countdown correctly. Mine says 28 days until Summer Camp. I don't know how to fix it. Did I do something wrong? Anyway, I thank you from the heart. Goodbye

    19 Jun, 2023 17:16

    Try this link for the count down. Right click and copy url.   Summer Camp 2023 Countdown Link

    Graylion - Nexus   Roleplaying
    not Ruleplaying
    not Rollplaying
    19 Jun, 2023 22:06

    Thank you very much. It worked really well. Again, this work turned out amazing.

    21 Jun, 2023 22:15

    Thank you! This is cool!

    Author of the Liminal Chronicles urban fantasy series | vssCollab very short story prompts | Author Website
    21 Jun, 2023 22:34

    My pleasure I love this community!

    Graylion - Nexus   Roleplaying
    not Ruleplaying
    not Rollplaying
    2 Jul, 2023 04:10

    I really like this idea (it's my first time doing Summer Camp, and I could definitely use this sheet!). However, it doesn't seem to be accepting the prompt descriptions for the Copper wave. All it says (except for the one where I've already submitted my article) is "Blank" - and even that one just has my article listed on it, not the prompt. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    2 Jul, 2023 09:44

    Oh exciting your first Summer Camp, congratulations! So the prompt boxes should look like this before you save. In this image the first is an example of a prompt and the article block for it. The second is an example of a prompt that has not been answered with an article block yet which will be Blank.  

    Assist 01.webp
      Feel free to stop by the Discord Summer Camp Channel and ping me if you need. I am in the pins with the Summer Camp Tracking Sheet.

    Graylion - Nexus   Roleplaying
    not Ruleplaying
    not Rollplaying
    2 Jul, 2023 13:35

    Ah, okay. I thought that it would show the prompt in the box, which was why I thought there was an issue. So then, it's working properly.

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