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Maidens of the Masonic Eye

"I told you I am not one of these bloodhounds!"
Meridian flushed red with exasperation. She had not slept in days and the sanctuary was not being very sanctimonious.
  "You found us with no blood source? " Lukas folded his arms. His glare of incredulity required no telepath power whatsoever.   "Would you believe me, if I dreamed of this place? Of you? and your group?" Logan got in her space, face to face. "Dream? I know something of dreams. Be specific. I know when someone is lying."   Meridian asked for a seat, this was going to take some explaining.


Worldwide Masonic groups are always looking for "gifted" individuals who can detect, decipher, or harness extradimensional phenomena.  Those who comply and serve the Masonic order loyally are rewarded and elevated to influential positions. They are not allowed careers with high profiles. No politics, celebrity or fame is tolerated. These seers are treated like prized resources and protected at all costs.    Some more local masonic groups strive to keep more potent bloodhounds for themselves, testing the hierarchy loyalty to the core. Sending a powerful bloodhound away to a regional or national chapter often results in pathetic compensation in comparison.


Females tend to be more sensitive to the shifts of energy than males, but a few high caliber male bloodhounds embrace the term warlock to inspire fear or influence locals to follow  them.   Masons will invest a lot of money and resources on any leads of children with extra sensory gifts. The rival Masonic groups are often competing for resources and supernatural power is #1 on the top ten list.    Once a  subject is "claimed" the faction evaluates the caliber of power the individual can use. These events are stressful and many fall into madness being thrust into the conditions of "rift diving".     "Rift diving involves bathing the subject in the radiation waves of a rift by locking her in close in proximity with the event. The person must endure psychological pain as well as physical radiation poisoning to discover a dark secret only upper level Masonic members have knowledge. If the subject answers what secret is X hiding before dying, then the subject is transferred into training.    Trainees are indoctrinated heavily into Masonic life. How good the society is for the fallen world. How Masonic society is the future. Any signs of rebellion are met with harsh penalties like sleep deprivation, psychological drug shock therapy and in more resistible patients, surgical mutilation of the brain.

Public Agenda

The Top Masonic regional powers all have well known Medium moms. They espouse how blessed they are to contribute to the greater good and making sure man is evolved to the stage of evolution. They publicly encourage local screening of children for the gift of EDE sight, and encourage all people to bring subjects to local Masonic centers.


The most common reagent to channel powers of sensory elevation is blood. Animal blood is ok for minor feats like a divining rod detection for a nearby rift. Human blood can increase the potency of any bloodhound. Especially if that human is a resident of the area and accustomed to local allergens and fauna.

Reality has layers and we shall see to it they are explored

The blood from human sacrifice is said to provide a competent Maiden with near omniscient prowess. The longest time a Maiden has endured a Deep Dive into a rift was 65 minutes by High Lady Joleen of the Carolina Chapter of Masonic Lodge. It is said she provided the intel necessary to overcome the Virginia assault war band of the Richmond Masonic Order.
Founding Date
While there is no formal date, the reports of the group working together emerge around 2045
Alternative Names
Medium mom, Bloodhounds, Devil daughters

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Cover image: Blood Wedding by Oracle productions


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Gortius The Eighth
1 Aug, 2022 09:17

Hmmm, interesting way to write secret societies. So they are some kind of psychic vampires that try to do good for humanity? What are protecting humanity of?