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Federation Council

Whilst the Leader Caste has authority over all the other castes in the Federation of Xah, the highest level decisions regarding the long term strategic goals of the state are decided by a collection of the highest ranking members of all the castes. The Federation Council provides guidance and over-arching policy that influence Leader caste decisions at all levels of decision making.


As with all matters concerning the Federation of Xah, the Leader Caste has primacy, and their representative acts as chair for all Council meetings, deciding on the agenda, calling for decisions to be made, and on the rare occasion when a vote is called, acting as the tie-breaker. In theory, the Leader Caste holds a veto over any Council decisions, but this right has never been invoked; the authority of the Leader Caste is strong enough that their wishes have always been followed.   Technically, only one member from each of the seven castes sits the council and is responsible for the decision making, but in reality, all the castes bring a dozen members to council meetings for discussions and specialist advice. The actual individual sitting at the council is not fixed, so long as each caste has someone present.   The location of the meetings also varies considerably. Whilst early meetings were always held on Xahi, as the Federation of Xah has expanded, it became more useful to hold Council meetings nearest to the latest crisis point, or promote a system's existence across the wider federation.
Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
The Council
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