Nāgya Pānang

The Nāgya Pānang ("Free Council" in Sutsumāk) is the sole legislative and judicial body of the Rasp. Comprised of up to 17 Nāgya elders and honorary elders, the Nāgya Pānang writes, deliberates, and adjudicates on the laws of the Rasp.


The Nāgya Pānang has neither a rigid hierarchical structure nor a set list of members. Whenever the council is called to convene, the greater body that is comprised of all the Nāgya elders and honorary elders undertakes a meticulous and complicated process of selecting members that are best-suited to the context and purpose of the work for which the council is being convened.   Depending on the task at hand, not all 17 seats of the Nāgya Pānang will be filled. With the exception of legislative sessions and trials for capital crimes, the council will use a smaller portion of the available seats. For instance, most trials require only 3 out of the 17 seats, while legislative reviews are often put before 5 or 7 of the full council. In general, the more members of council are seated for a given function, the more important that function is to the running of the Rasp.


Transparency, accountability, and fairness are the three pillars that guide the day-to-day operations of the Nāgya Pānang. Though primarily made up of Nāgya elders, everyday citizens of the Rasp that demonstrate their dedication and commitment to the community can earn the title of honorary elder and participate in the legislative process.   The council also believes that it is important for everyday citizens of the Rasp to have a hand in the governance of their city. To this end, the Nāgya Pānang holds regular town halls during which citizens can raise their concerns about the state of the city.

Public Agenda

The Nāgya Pānang's primary mandate is to draft laws and impose penalties on those found to be in contravention of the laws so as to improve the lives and ensure the equitable treatment of the citizens of the Rasp.
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