Ontāgul, "First Teacher" in Sutsumāk, is a title conferred to a Tāgul who is recognized by their community as their leader. In most Architect communities, it is an honorific that does not itself carry any authority. For the Nāgya of the Rasp, Ontāgul is instead an official title meant to represent the head of the executive branch of the city's government.


In order to qualify as an Ontāgul, a person must be a fully-qualified tāgul, or must be recogniized by a unanimity of the community's gim tāgul.


An Ontāgul must be an adult Architect.


The Ontāgul of the Rasp is selected by the Nāgya Pānang among a pool of eligible candidates. The selection is deliberated at length, with the background and qualifications of every candidate being examined closely to determine which would best benefit the community in the position of Ontāgul. Once a selection has been made, the selection must be ratified by unanimous vote.


The Ontāgul is responsible for enforcing the laws and regulations written by the Nāgya Pānang, directing fiscal and economic policy, and conducting diplomacy. The Ontāgul has the power to negotiate and sign treaties and trade agreements on behalf of the Rasp, which are then put before the Nāgya Pānang for ratification.
Civic, Political
Form of Address
His honor
Alternative Naming
Source of Authority
The Ontāgul accedes by assent and recognition of the Nāgya Pānang
Length of Term
There are no term limits to the position of Ontāgul; an Ontāgul may be removed from their position upon losing the confidence of the Nāgya Pānang or being convicted of gross malfeasance
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