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The Nāgya, meaning "free" in the Architect language of Sutsumak, are Architects that have taken up residence in the city of the Rasp in the Vault Supernal. Most of the Nāgya are emigrants who elected to leave Yronroost for one reason or another, though most commonly due to disagreements with the social orthodoxy of the city.


Shared customary codes and values

The Nāgya are opposed to the prevailing social norms of Yronroost, particularly to the disregard that the Sangi display with respect to the blatant profiteering that infests the streets of the city.   Most Nāgya ascribe to the belief that the Architects are the firstborn of the Shardscape's Begotten races and that, consequently, they have a duty to act as stewards and examples for their younger cousins. Though this view is also espoused by the Sangi, the two groups differ in their interpretation of their duties.   The Nāgya believe in leading by example and participating in the social world of the younger begotten races. They establish themselves as mediators, diplomats, and enforcers of law and social order. They believe in protecting the younger begotten races from the folly of violence and greed, among others.   Tensions between the Nāgya and the Sangi arise from the fact that the latter group believe that a policy of nonintervention is the best way to nurture the younger races. Where the Nāgya believe in active guidance, the Sangi believe in distant observation and allowing the younger begotten folks to make their own mistakes and figure out their own solutions.
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