Bādaw Slate

The Bādaw Slate is an artifact recovered from the crumbling city of Bādaw by Tāyas āng Harig, a renowned Architect explorer from the Rasp. It is believed to have been of great importance to the now-absent inhabitants of Bādaw due to it having been found in a case of what is believed to be warded glass and affixed to its stand by a loop of incredibly tough steel wire.


The slate is believed to be of great importance to the civilization that inhabited Bādaw during its height. The object was retrieved from a glass case believed to have been warded by unknown means as Tāyas' attempts to break through the case were rebuffed, with even a sledgehammer bouncing off the glass.   Tayas was able to penetrate the case with no small amount of effort, only to be once again stymied upon attempting to pull the slate from its stand. A loop of wire attached to a niche in the object prevented its removal from the case, and though Tayas ultimately managed to cut through, he blunted three knives in the process.   The slate is presently housed at the Vārtāgulan, ensconced in a warded display case and taken out only for examination by Architect researchers who wish to gain insight into the object's inner workings.
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The slate is composed of a smooth metal body with round corners, beveled edges, and a sheet of warded glass in the front. The back is a silvery-white color while the front is black and highly reflective. It is believed to be a ritual implement of sorts, but attempts to discern its purpose or the nature of the rituals for which it was used remain inconclusive.


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