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Crypt Locust

Crypt Locusts are a species of insect native to the Vault Supernal. Recently discovered in the vicinity of the Rasp following the proliferation of agriculture in the region, they are named for their superficial resemblance to locusts.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Crypt locusts are largely solitary, keeping to themselves until it is time to reproduce. The circumstances and environmental triggers that dictate when crypt locusts emerge to mate are as yet unknown, though there is some speculation that this behavior may be related to the movement of the godstombs and the availability of food resources in the vicinity.   While there is no indication that crypt locusts are capable of exhibiting the swarming behaviors demonstrated by their counterparts in the material realm, there are increasingly worrying signs that increasing agriculture in the vicinity of the Rasp may trigger a change in their behavior.

Growth Rate & Stages

Crypt locust eggs hatch an average of 4 weeks after being laid. The nymph then experiences successive moulting cycles during which the nymph slowly develops wings over the course of the next four months. Crypt locusts do not seek out mates immediately after reaching sexual maturity and instead wait for certain poorly understood environmental cues before emerging to mate en masse. Until such time that crypt locusts reproduce, they are capable of surviving for as long as 10 years. Assuming that environmental circumstances are just right, however, and reproduction occurs as soon as possible after maturity, crypt locusts have on average a lifespan of 16-18 months.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Crypt locusts are omnivorous and are capable of eating plant matter and meat with equal ease. Disturbingly, however, they have been found to demonstrate an ability to devour life energy. While this applies to plants as well, animals and people are possessed of greater amounts of life energy, leading crypt locusts to target them preferentially.
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Aug 3, 2022 21:59

Love the article, has some really cool ideas. Insects are always kind of horrifying in the sense that they are pretty much organic machines. Find the food, craft more machines, repeat.   The idea I like the most is that of an entity that might not even devour you as you traditionally understand it. Imagine a whole town being swarmed , locusts crawling all over people and animals but when they depart there are just collapsed bodies everywhere. Not one bite or nibble, instead just strange light scratches from the insects legs and faces full of horror from being drained of their life energy. Now imagine someone finding that place. Pretty horrifying tbh.