Mute Drake

The Mute Drake is a twisted creature bred by the Vāhagla Circle for the nefarious purposes of spreading the Quietus to accelerate the end of the world so that the Vāhaglaya may fling open the gates to paradise by sacrificing all life across the cosmos.

Basic Information


Like their counterparts in the material realm, mute drakes possess four legs and two wings and exhibit bilateral symmetry across the saggital plane.

Genetics and Reproduction

Upon reaching sexual maturity, mute drakes reproduce on a three year cycle. Male and female mute drakes conduct courtship rituals for two or three months before mating pairs are decided. Females are ovoviviparous in theory but in practice are pseudo-vovoviviparous instead, gestating two to three eggs within their body for up to eight months following successful fertilization before they are expelled prematurely. This is most likely the result of a genetic defect or the effect of the species' constant exposure to moderate concentrations of the Quietus.   Eggs laid by Mute Drake females are soft and vulnerable to bursting and infection. Without outside intervention, the viability of offspring is as low as 2%, with most wild Mute Drakes never producing viable offspring during their lifetimes. In captivity, using methods developed by the Vāhagla Circle, viability rates are increased to as much as 70%.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Mute drakes are obligate pranivores, meaning that they require the ingestion of life energy in order to maintain their metabolism. This is because of their symbiotic relationship with the Quietus, which follows them in a thin haze whereever they go. Life energy is necessary to maintain a stable equilibrium, preventing the Quietus from turning on the drake.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The twisted physiology of Mute Drakes renders them blind and deaf. Their sense of smell is acute, capable of picking up faint traces of odors and particular scents from as far as a mile away. It is hypothesized that their sense of taste is similarly advanced but no conclusive tests have been performed thus far.
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