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The Administratum

The Administratum is the political organization in charge of Port Salazar - led by the Lord Mayor of Port Salazar (currently Lord Mayor Vepiscus Maleus) and headquartered on the riverside across from Liberation Square. Administrative affairs for citizens and visitors of Port Salazar are handled from the offices on the lowest level, while the Lord Mayor's office and the Administratum Chambers are located on the upper restricted levels.


The Administratum consists of a council of the elite members of Port Salazar's society, nominated personally by the Lord Mayor. The 7 members of the council act on the surface to represent the citizens of Portal Salazar to the Lord Mayor, though their motives are often in their own self-interest. The Council of Seven meets monthly in the Administratum Building in Port Salazar to discuss the governance of the city. Included on the council are prominent merchants, the leader of the City Watch, and the Harbormaster. Citizens are allowed to petition the Council two weeks before the next Council meeting through submitting petition to the Administratum building in the center of Port Salazar, with any petition submitted for a vote requiring the sponsorship of at least one member of the Council.
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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