Zelvan Council

The Zelvan Council is one of the great powers of the galaxy, its military, economic power and political influence make it a major player in galactic affairs, this entity represents the zelvans, an avian species native to the planet Aahli, in the Zelvnak system.


The Zelvan Council is a centralized state, there are only three levels of government, that is, the municipal level, the regional level and the federal level. The federal level is the one with the most power and the most important such as defense, citizenship and other important areas. The regional level is an administrative division within the territory of the Zelvan Council, it must manage one or more systems and deals with competences like natural resources, energy and others. The municipal level is the lowest on the scale and is designed as a level of proximity, it has under its administration a metropolitan region, its competences are generally very local.

Demography and Population

The Zelvan Council has a population of 477 billion, these are mainly on the planets which are in the center and south of the territory. This territory is particularly prosperous in particular because of the trade with the Republic which passes mainly in this zone. All the population is zelvan, humans and myrrans are present on Aahli, mainly diplomatic personnel in the embassies of the capital. The official languages and at the same time the most widely spoken within the Zelvan Council are Esnabi, Zuila and Yevina, Esnabi being the most widespread.


The territory of the Zelvan Council is landlocked between that of the Federal Republic to the west and the Myrran Trade Union to the east, it mainly follows a north-south axis. It touches the galactic core in the north and the galactic boundaries in the south, the size of which is approximately the same as that of the Federal Republic.


The Zelvan Council has a military strength that is equivalent to the Republic, which is enough to be considered a major player within the galaxy. Their ships are very distinct, since a particular concern is brought by the zelvans to the hestetism, with elegant forms and ornaments of their own. The Zelvan armed forces are administered by the Ministry of National Security, but overall command is provided by the President of the Council who is its supreme leader. They are divided into three branches which are the Navy, the Army and the Air Force. All of this is overseen by the Central Military Command, which ensures good coordination between its three branches and gives orders to senior officers.

Technological Level

The Zelvan Council is approximately on the same technological level as most other entities in the galaxy. Having developed several key technologies in the field of genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, nano-robotics as well as the mastery of supra-luminal travel. All these advances have made it possible to increase life expectancy, facilitate space transport and many other benefits for the population as well as the economy. However, the zelvan have an even longer life expectancy due to the fact that the zelvan have naturally a longer lifespan than humans. Also, the zelvans have a great passion for science and technology, which means that they have a slight technological lead in certain areas, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence.


Although there is no religion as such, the zelvans' devotion to their caste can be considered a kind of religion, with the supreme belief being placed in society as a whole. Indeed, these act as spiritual guides for a good part of the zelvans since they have codes, rituals, a community and their own lines of conduct. The level obviously varies from one individual to another and even from one caste to another. Some castes are more traditionalist and will observe a greater respect for traditions while others will be much less strict at this level. However, it should not be thought that the castes impose this devotion on their members, it is generally left to everyone's discretion.

Foreign Relations

Zelvan Council has established good relations with the Federal Republic and the Myrran Trade Union which are also these first trading partners. However, an economic and military rivalry is present between the Zelvan Council and the Federal Republic over the status of the predominant power within the Alliance after the Zelvan Council gained prestige by carrying out a successful intervention in a previous war. Relations with the Holy Kingdom of Katho are frendly and the trade agreement signed by the AAQ developed a strong trade between the Zelvan Council and the Holy Kingdom of Katho.

Even if it does not share a common border, the Zelvan Council maintains good relations with the Free Uriy Commonwealth because of the good relations it has with the Myrran Trade Union. The Qravadox Directorate, the Kingdom of the Houses of Youndarim and the Onatach Empire are the biggest rivals of the Myrran Trade Union and the Federal Republic and therefore of the Zelvan Council. Even though the fact that it does not share a common border with these three rivals makes the Zelvan Council feel less threatened by these threats.

The formation of an alliance between the Qravadox Directorate and the Kingdom of the Houses of Youndarim in 2441 to thwart the influence of the Alliance of Alpha Quadrant further strained relations. However, even if the Zelvan Council takes these threats seriously and assures its support to the Union and the Republic in the event of any hostile act, the fact that it does not share a common border with them means that the Zelvan Council does not feel as threatened by them as the Republic or the Union may feel. The zelvans also know the Endurga Stellar States but it is too far away to make any real contact.

Agriculture & Industry

The zelvans practice an intensive urban agriculture because of the aridity of their native world, their cities makes a very important place for orchards and urban farms. Urban farms are all hydroponic and designed to collect rainwater in addition to that given by the city to save as much as possible, the irrigation process is designed to filter the water so that it can be used later. The zelvans have a very high grade of their industry which is turned towards the construction, in particular the artisanal sector which manufactures the complex architectural decorations which covers the cities and the objects of everyday life. The rest of the industry turns to the production of parts of vessels for civil and military use as well as the production of consumer products for the use of the population.

Trade & Transport

Like all entities within the galaxy, transport, whether of goods or people, is carried out thanks to wormholes which allow almost instantaneous travel between systems. Within the systems, the zelvans have their own version of the Star Drive which allows them to travel at approximately 210% of the speed of light for their larger ships. On the planets, transport systems similar to those of the Republic were put like different types of trains, kinds of flying buses and other methods unique to them. Their main trading partners within the galaxy are the Federal Republic and the Myrran Trade Union, another much smaller part of the trade is with the Holy Kindom of Katho, the Free Uriy Commonwealth as well as the Kingdom of the Houses of youndarim. Thanks to its strategic galactic position, the Zelvan Council is today a commercial superpower since everything exchanged within the Alliance must pass through its territory.


The zelvans have a totally different organization from society, this one is organized around ten castes which take care of education during early childhood, the financing comes however from the central government which builds these centers of education in childhood, but which leaves the management to the caste. As for the different levels of education, the first is the general school where children of all castes are mixed from the age of ten to twenty, the zelvan majority. It is there that they will learn spelling, mathematics, the history of their people and will acquire a baggage of general knowledge. It is also towards the end of this schooling that they will choose their field of study at university, lasting five years, the university is the institution that allows zelvans to specialize in a field. All these levels are managed by the central government which makes the educational programs, builds the establishments and takes care of the regulation.


Like all entities within the galaxy, the main civil infrastructures consist of stabilization rings around wormholes, orbital stations to make the link between surface and space as well as spaceports in cities. Additionally, being part of the Alliance of Alpha Quadrant, certain standardization rules apply to ensure that commerce between members runs smoothly. As for the military, orbital stations are also built for defense purposes or to serve as a naval base. A network of military bases has been set up on the planets to ensure their defense in the event of an attack and to welcome the ground offensive military forces of the Zelvan Council.

Society guides us

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
The General Assembly is made up of representatives proportionally representing the various castes of the Zelvan Council, despite this, the vote is mainly based on the parties that were formed after the formation of the assembly to be able to obtain majorities more easily. They are elected by the population of these so-called castes during elections which are held every five years to renew the chamber. All government legislation must be approved by the General Assembly to be considered effective.
Judicial Body
The High Court deals with interpreting and enforcing the constitution as well as the various Zelvan laws, cases of a civil or criminal nature pass first through the caste court and those of an institutional, military or corruption nature pass first through specific courts. If the case is appealed, the High Court of Justice then takes over and renders its final decision, which cannot be challenged.
Executive Body
The High Council is the one that writes and proposes laws to the General Assembly, the members of it is appointed by the president during his presidency. The president is elected for a term of ten years and is responsible for foreign policy, the army and the budget.
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Species


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