Myrran Trade Union

The Myrran Trade Union is a medium power within the galaxy, its economic, military and political influence is present, but cannot be projected beyond the border states of this one. This entity represents the myrrans, these are an anthropoid species originating from the planet Eicaro, in the Ionerth system.


The Myrran Trade Union is a corporate confederation, it brings together four corporations who with time have become more and more like provincial governments. Indeed, even if at the beginning of the exploration and exploitation of their native solar system, these corporations were indeed real private companies, this situation changed with the transformation of the Myrrans into an interstellar civilization. Thus, from the 2260s, the corporations were nationalized and charged with administering certain services to the population paid by the state while maintaining an economic role.

These are each in charge of a share of the Union space called a management area. Although the planets are technically under their authority, they are very independent on their internal politics and only the regulation of differences between the different planetary governments can be imposed by the megacorporations on them. The federal government is responsible for managing the differences between the corporations and these jurisdictions, which generally concerns aspects that affect the entire territory.

Demography and Population

The myrrans have a population of 562.7 billion due to their reproduction faster than that of humans, allowing for faster population growth. As for languages, the government of the Union has no official language because each planet can decide on its own language. This brings great linguistic diversity within the Union, which has more than ten major dialects that are spoken within its territory.


The territories of the Myrran Trade Union extend from the eastern border to the borders of an empire called the Kingdom of the Houses of Youndarim, its southern border touches the Qravadox Directorate, its biggest rival, and the Free Uriy Commonwealth. The territory is slightly larger than that of the Zelvan Council and mainly follows an east-west axis.


The Myrran Trade Union has a military strength that is inferior to the Republic, but enough to be considered a medium player within the galaxy. In peacetime, the megacorporations that each run a portion of Union space are in charge of directing the military forces in their territory even though those forces technically belong to the federal government. In times of war, all armed forces are placed under a single command which coordinates these.

Technological Level

The Myrran Trade Union is approximately on the same technological level as most other entities in the galaxy. Having developed several key technologies in the field of genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, nano-robotics as well as the mastery of supra-luminal travel. All these advances have made it possible to increase life expectancy, facilitate space transport and many other benefits for the population as well as the economy.


Although all of the planetary governments and the federal government are secular governments, the presence of religion in the daily lives of the inhabitants varies greatly depending on the planet. Some have very well implemented religions while others are overwhelmingly secular with almost non-existent religion, some are also between these two extremes.

Foreign Relations

The Myrran Trade Union has a very good relationship with the Federal Republic and the Zelvan Council which are these closest trading partners as well as these most faithful allies. She has a very good relationship with the Free Uriy Commonwealth because she supported her during her war of independence with the Qravadox Directorate which invaded the home planet of the Uriy, a strong commercial relationship has also developed over time.

The Myrran Trade Union also has a good relationship with the Holy Kingdom of Katho although trade with these two entities is limited due to the distance despite the trade treaty between the Myrran Trade Union and the Holy Kingdom of Katho. The Qravadox Directorate is an empire that has become, from first contact, the biggest rival of the Myrran Trade Union in its neighborhood. The Kingdom of the Houses of Youndarim has also become a great rival of the Union since the signing of an alliance between this empire and the Qravadox Directorate.

The Onatach Empire is the biggest rival of the Federal Republic, which makes relations between him and the Myrran Trade Union bad, despite the distance. However, even if the Union takes this threat seriously and assures its support for the Republic in the event of any hostile act, the distance means that there has never been any real contact between the two entities. Finally, the last one empires of which the Myrran Trade Union with knowledge are the Endurga Stellar State but since these are extremely distant and beyond the borders of the Union, no formal contact has been established.

Agriculture & Industry

The myrrans have an extremely diversified industry and agriculture because each planet has its particular resource which results in an extremely dynamic foreign and internal trade. There is a proverb which is widely used within the Republic which states that everything has been found within the Myrran Trade Union.

Trade & Transport

Like all entities within the galaxy, transport, whether of goods or people, is carried out thanks to wormholes which allow almost instantaneous travel between systems. Within the systems, the myrrans have their own version of the Star Drive which allows them to travel at approximately 190% of the speed of light for their larger ships. On the planets, transport systems similar to those of the Republic were put to move individuals, because of their morphology, the means used are very different, but are still based on the wheel. The Myrran Trade Union's main trading partners are the Federal Republic, Kingdom of the Houses of Youndarim and the Zelvan Council, with which the majority of their foreign trade is run, a small part is also done with the Free Uriy Commonwealth. They also have a much more developed internal trade than the Republic due to the great diversity of product within the union.


Since each planet supports education, there is therefore a very wide variety of education models within the union which are all very different. The education that is provided on every planet is recognized on every planet in the Union to avoid logistical problems.


Like all entities within the galaxy, the main civil infrastructures consist of stabilization rings around wormholes, orbital stations to make the link between surface and space as well as spaceports in cities. Additionally, being part of the Alliance of Alpha Quadrant, certain standardization rules apply to ensure that commerce between members runs smoothly. As for the military, orbital stations are also built for defense purposes or to serve as a naval base. A network of military bases has been set up on the planets to ensure their defense in the event of an attack and to welcome the ground offensive military forces of the Myrran Trade Union.

United for prosperity

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
The Myrran Trade Union has a bicameral legislature, the first being the Parliament which is composed of representatives of the different planets of the Confederation, each planet having the right to a number of representatives  according to their population who are elected by universal suffrage. The second being the Senate which is composed of senators from the four corporations, these last having the right to one senator per system. For a legislative proposal to pass, the central government must obtain the approval of both chambers.
Judicial Body
There is no central judicial system, each planet within the Myrran Trade Union is free to establish its own judicial system.
Executive Body
The executive of the Myrran Trade Union is headed by the Chancellor of the Union, elected by universal suffrage for a term of fifteen years, renewable for once. He presides over his Cabinet, which is made up of the various ministers of the Union.
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Controlled Territories
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