Free Uriy Commonwealth

The Free Uriy Commonwealth is a small state under mixed Myrran influence as well as a larger Zelvan one, its political, economic and military influence does not allow it to project beyond these borders. This entity represents the uriys, an aquatic species native to the planet Ungus, in the Camthrin system.


Unlike the Republic, the Commonwealth is run as a unitary state because the territory is much smaller. Even though the planets have rulers who are appointed by the Leader, these have very limited powers and need the authorization of the central government to make important decisions.

Demography and Population

The population of the Commonwealth amounts to 76 billion people, the smaller size of its territory makes its population much smaller. The Commonwealth also has a much more diverse population than the other entities. Indeed, at least 5% of the population is qravadox because part of the population has decided to stay after the conquest of the systems in the west of the territory. The main dialect is Uida, Labu and Odduri which are dialects originating from Ungus, the three are the Free Uriy Commonwealth's official languages.


The Commonwealth territory is much smaller than these neighbors, it is bordered to the north by the Myrran Trade Union, to the south by the Qravadox Directorate and to the east by the Kingdom of the Houses of Youndarim. It also has far fewer colonized planets than most of its neighbors and even compared to entities within the galaxy.


Although having a fleet which is much less imposing than its neighbors and mainly focused on defense, the Commonwealth is renowned for the quality of these vessels because the uriys developed very good naval expertise during the Continuation War. Unfortunately, its know-how does not allow it to compete with other powers such as the Myrran Trade Union or the Federal Republic, but it has a very effective defensive strategy. The armed forces is placed under the command of the Deputy Chief of the Armed Forces who appoints the subordinates of the two branches, the Navy and the Army.

Technological Level

With the help of the Myrran Trade Union, the Zelvan Council and the qravadox technologies that were abandoned by them on Ungus, the Commonwealth managed to catch up with the technological backlog a few decades after the war and the founding of the Commonwealth. Today, it is approximately on the same technological level as most other entities in the galaxy. Having developed several key technologies in the field of genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, nano-robotics as well as the mastery of supra-luminal travel. All these advances have made it possible to increase life expectancy, facilitate space transport and many other benefits for the population as well as the economy.


Being very religious, the qravadox had tried to convert the uriys who refused and developed an aversion to any religion, the ancient religions of their home world were also destroyed during the occupation.

Foreign Relations

The Commonwealth has a very good relationship with the Myrran Trade Union which is its biggest trading partner, although this is official, the Union has a tacit agreement with the Commonwealth that it would protect it in the event of an attack from the Qravadox Directorate. Speaking of which, the Qravadox Directorate has had an appalling relationship with the Commonweath since the Uriy Independance War. Only the silent agreement with the Myrran Trade Union protected the Commonwealth from attack by the Qravadox Directorate. The Commonwealth has a neutral relationship with the Kingdom of the Houses of Youndarim, but since signing the military cooperation treaty with the Qravadox Empire, the relationship can be very difficult at times.

The Commonwealth maintains a good relationship with the Zelvan Council and the Federal Republic, but despite the diplomatic relations that have been established, the distance means that there is little interaction between them other than for diplomatic encounters as well as commerce for the Zelvan Council. Finally, the last two empires of which the Commonwealth with knowledge are the Endurga Stellar State and the Onatach Empire but since these are extremely distant and beyond the borders of the Commonwealth, no formal contact has been established.

Agriculture & Industry

Agriculture within the Commonwealth is provided by a mixture of urban farms, traditional farms and also a highly developed fish farm due to their aquatic nature which gives them very good food self-sufficiency allowing them to satisfy their population. As for the industry, it is very varied to succeed in meeting the needs of their people and their armed forces with their military production.

Trade & Transport

Like all entities within the galaxy, transport, whether of goods or people, is carried out thanks to wormholes which allow almost instantaneous travel between systems. Within the systems, the myrrans have their own version of the Alcubian Drive which allows them to travel faster than the speed of light. On the planets, transport systems using the ocean features of their world were put to move individuals within and between the cities. The Free Uriy Commonwealth's main trading partners are the Kingdom of the Houses of Youndarim and the Myrran Trade Union, with which the majority of their foreign trade is run, a small part is also done with the Zelvan Council.


Unlike humans, the uriys educate their offspring through elders during childhood and adolescence, so public schools do not exist for young uriys during this period. The education organized by the state appears only for the equivalent of our higher studies, these studies serve to bring new knowledge to young Uriy in the field of activity that fascinates him.


Like all entities within the galaxy, the main civil infrastructures consist of stabilization rings around wormholes, orbital stations to make the link between surface and space as well as spaceports in cities. As for the military, orbital stations are also built for defense purposes or to serve as a naval base. A network of military bases has been set up on the planets to ensure their defense in the event of an attack and to welcome the ground offensive military forces of the Free Uriy Commonwealth.

For the greater good

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The People's Assembly comprised of representatives who are elected by universal suffrage on each of the five planets that were colonized within the Commonwealth. The number of representatives is fixed and is distributed proportionately according to the different political factions. It is the assembly which holds the most power compared to the Leader because it can remove the government.
Judicial Body
The People's Court of Justice is the main judicial body of the commonwealth, it is responsible for enforcing the various laws and the constitution of the Free Uriy Commonwealth.
Executive Body
The Leader who is so named in reference to the period when the uriys fought for their independence is the head of the executive. He forms the government by appointing the members of these who then appoints the people to lower positions. He is elected by universal suffrage by all the citizens of the Commonwealth and serves for a seven-year term.
Controlled Territories
Related Species


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