Jordan Carowitz: “In headline news, Senator Bulbous Seamsucker, head speaker of the 8th District, and charged with twelve counts of embezzlement, including the theft of community funds for Riverside Orphanage, was found dead today. City workers were called to clear a blockage of a major sewer pipe under I-414. That blockage happened to be the senator’s overweight body, wrapped in a pink unicorn costume.   Jillian Taylor: The untimely death of the senator means one less vote for the Charity Reclamation Bill 414, leaving the count at 632 votes for the bill, and 633 against. Good news for the loving charities of Clockworks City, who get another year of tax-free funding to support honorable causes.   Jordan Carowitz: That’s the seventh politician found dead this year, Jillian. Could this be a pattern we’re seeing?”   Jillian Taylor: “I’m not sure — but someone out there seems awfully mad about crooked politicians, eh?”

Call the Plumbers Who Care

When you do everything right, and life still backs up on you, you might consider calling a professional. We specialize in helping good citizens when they need to DUMP unwanted, stubborn waste materials, and flush it where it belongs.   Our prices are reasonable, our service prompt and discrete.  


Because of our vast client base, paperwork and verification of the information is critical and required before a DUMP can take place. Please make sure to provide us with:  
  • Name (first and last)
  • District of the blockage
  • Full description of the blockage (what caused it)
  • How long have you been dealing with this blockage?
  • Has this blockage specifically affected others you know if, whether in your household, or even in your immediate area?
  Upon completion of your paperwork, our professional staff will do a detailed rundown of your area, and all interconnecting pipelines. We have found over decades of experience that blockage is never caused by a single factor. Should this be the case, we will tag all the variables and, if required, deal with them in a timely fashion.    

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If you indeed have a legitimate blockage and require a DUMP, our professionals will provide full service within 72 hours of confirmation. And if there are connecting pipelines with blockage, we will DUMP those as well, no questions asked, at no additional charge.

  Have a nice day.


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