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Narceau Resistance (nar-ˈSOH)

The Narceau Resistance was the opposing force to the Omaceran Empire during the bulk of the Empire's existence. The beginnings of the resistance coalesced around one figure in particular, Folcard Chauve, from the Kingdom of Narceau. He was not a noble, just a merchant's son with a charismatic way about him.  

Birth of a Leader

  Chauve began organizing his home town of Belrault and its neighbors into a system of farmer-fighters, who used their tools as weapons, rather than try to learn how to hold a blade or spear. He also set up a system of young runners and beacons manned by folk too old to work the fields, but whose eyesight was still sharp. This way, villages could come to each other's aid quickly. Chauve then proceded to work on adding other towns to the network.   At first, the official Narceau Kingdom was concerned by this, until the capture of the Kingdom of Capreae, directly to their south. At that point they became more alarmed by the Omaceran Empire's action, and began actively cooperating with Chauve, even offering him a military title. This, he declined, but he did accept the kingdom's help, as this sped up the organizing process greatly.  

The Belrault Offensive

  However, the Omaceran Empire was not about to let them organize any further. Their spies had kept them informed of developments, and now their armies acted. Sending a division of troops to Belrault, they easily demolished the Narceai front lines and destroyed the village and its neighbors. Chauve and his people were forced to fall back to where the kingdom regulars had stationed themselves, awaiting orders.  

Building an Army

  A newly-made refugee, Chauve was furious at the lack of action from the kingdom's armies. He resolved to hold off the Omaceran Empire, and even retake the conquered territory, using only his rebel farmers. According to stories, Chauve enlisted five friends to help him with recruitment, and sent them off in different directions. They performed better than expected, bringing in groups from what are now modern-day Geirsa, Montlimar, Shiabia, and even the dwarven areas of Espal.   Now with his own army, although an oddly armed one, Chauve could make demands on the Kingdom of Narceau, and the other petty kingdoms of the region. First one, then many kingdoms put their troops at his disposal, realizing that they could not stand by themselves, and the Resistance was their only hope of keeping the Empire at bay.  

Digging In

  Chauve moved his headquarters back from the front lines, to a fort called Martlimar near Gretval Lake. He also evacuated the families living on the border to a safer location. Or at least, he tried. In village after village men and women stood up to fight for their homes. Children and elders were evacuated, but the rest remained to fight.   For now the movement was more than just Leader Chauve, as he was beginning to be called, or even his closest advisors. Many a peasant became a leader, if only of a patrol, under the newly minted Narceau Resistance.  

Local Talent

  The resistance fighters improved on the beacon and runner system, expanding it. Several brave men and women volunteered to spy from the other side of the line, and report what they could about troop movements. Strategies were devised to take advantage of their strengths and spare their troops for absolute neccessity. The local knowledge of terrain came in handy, as often a "fleeing" patrol would lead their pursuers into a swamp, or a section of forest booby-trapped with hunter's snares.   Dwarves supervised the digging of trenches, tunnels, and fortifications. Even the reclusive Aarakocra came down from the heights of the Everlasting Mountains to serve as long distance messengers, scouts, and aerial assault units. Goliaths from the northern wastes anchored each of their flanks in battle, and Gnomish inventors attempted to design useful weapons for the war effort.  

Hold the Line

  For more than 16 centuries, this loose confederacy managed to hold together. Leader succeded leader as the conflict dragged on, but the troops never flagged. Generations were born into the conflict, lived the conflict, and died with the conflict still going on. It was all they ever knew. They never regained Belrault they never gained a fingerhold of ground, but they never lost any, either. Improbably, the Omaceran Empire was stopped. The resistance held the line.

Hold the Line


1597 BW - 12 NE

Illicit, Rebel
Predecessor Organization
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